Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Color me a bad blogger. I say that because I recently read on another blog that “a good blogger blogs everyday.” So I guess that makes me a bad blogger. That also makes me guilty of wanting to do so many things, far more than I have time for in a day. And I’m sure that also places me in good company.

The company of you, the company of us. Sisters with a full plate. The alarm clock in the morning sounding off like a pop gun at the starting line of a race. If we listen closely we can imagine a voice from a make-believe press booth yelling out over a crackly PA system, “Annnnddddd she’s off!!” And we are, off and running. Our day a race, the finish line too far in the distance to be visible.

Breakfasts, lunches, work, exercise, jobs, dinners, dishes, laundry, home care, childcare (though not for me, I’m past that but I am happily committed to helping with my Grand Beans whenever I can). Our to-do list agendas for one day could easily fill two or more! Where to find time to be creative? To write, stitch, photograph, scrap, paint, daydream, sing, dance...?

In the little moments, the times in between. We just have to seek, find, and sometimes create that time. It’s so important, vital to who we are and who we’ve yet to become. Time to read. To sit and crochet. To make bread (yep, I’m a crazy bread maker. I cringe when I have to resort to buying it – all this thanks to that “Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day" book I’ve been telling you about).

Not only do we have to create time for ourselves, but also we need to make it a priority. Because all work and no play can leave us feeling flat. Uninspired. I hate feeling that way.

I’ve taken to traveling with my crochet bag, wherever I might go. I make no apology for crocheting at family gatherings or in groups of people. When I’m sitting among people I take out my hook and yarn and stitch away, delighting (and participating too) in the conversation around me. I find the act of working with my hands while being stimulated by the talk of kindred spirits which surroudn me to be blessedly gratifying, heaven almost. I can’t think of a better way to totally relax and be at peace.

I seek time for lots of little hobbies – jewelry making, creating art journals (with decoupage – it’s really fun!), crocheting, creative writing, doing a little stitching here and there. And my number one hobby – cooking. I usually have time for that one as one must eat, you know? But I seek to make time for the other things too. I want to be better about that. It’s my play time. I need it. You do too.

Whew...long winded on this delightfully gray (contradiction I know, but I love rainy days) Wednesday afternoon . But it was fun, using my “break time” for “write time.” Ah...onward toward the finish line. Only 6 more hours to go before the day’s race is through. And there I’ll be happy, tired, and thankful for the legs which carried me through my day.


photo: shot in the forest preserve on a recent frost morning. Often, when asked "How are you" my father in law will reply, "Fine as a frog on a frosty morning." I love that.

Monday, November 8, 2010

it's written in the stars...

My horoscope for November 8, 2010:

The time has now come for you to undertake more difficult tasks.
Indeed, the stars incite you to use the day to your
advantage, Terri. You are full of life, and you should use this
energy to show the world what you are capable of!
Today, you will not be afraid of any work to be done,
and you will also have the capacity to recover your strength afterwards.

The stars are spot on for me this morning as I've lots to do
at work this week. Winter programming text to write, two
book discussions to prepare for in addition to three other
programs scheduled for the week - a diabetes program for
seniors, a fun jewelry class and a concert scheduled for
Sunday - a program honoring the music of 'ole blue eyes,
Frank Sinatra.

In between the responsibilities of the work day, my BFF's
in town, so I'm hoping to squeeze in a wine date with her
(in addition to the martini date we had yesterday, which
I hope to blog about tomorrow). Add to that a visit later today
with another dear friend and her new little baby girl, a shopping
expedition with my sissy on Wednesday evening and a fish fry
dinner date with the huz and yet another tre' dear friend and her huz too
for Friday and a WAY TOO FUN "author party" on Saturday
night - a first for me and also for my sweet friend who has
planned the fun evening and I've got another full week ahead of me!

Work, home, friends, family...that's the way it's been for me lately. A
constant stream, busy but completely in balance. Well...maybe
the "home" part's been a bit neglected lately, but "home" is undergoing
a bit of pre-turkey day renovation and things are a bit upside down
for the time being. But no worries. About the time things slow down
a bit (am taking Thanksgiving week off - YAY!) I'm planning to slow
down a little bit too. For a few days anyway; long enough to get the
house squared away for holiday entertaining. Come turkey day though
hoopla returns. I can't wait - Thanksgiving's my fave holiday, hands down.

Whew...long winded this morning. Didn't mean to be! I've got work to
do and time's a wasting! And just so you know, it feels so good to be
back to blogging again. I really missed it! There's so much I want
to share with you in the days ahead.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go...

Happy Monday!

Photo: Pisces constellation over desert skies. How cool is that?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

carpe diem...

seize the day
for whatever the day brings you.
it's saturday
a day to get things done.
or not.
whatever it is that's on your to-do list to-day,
do it with love.
because its on YOUR list
and that's important.
cleaning the house today?
consider it showing the love
giving care to your surroundings.
heading to the market?
buy yourself something special -
a little pint of ice cream, some chocolate...
you deserve it.
spending the afternoon on the soccer field with your kids?
drink it in -
whistles blowing, parents cheering,
the wide blue sky above you
shining down upon you...
its all yours. today.
or maybe spend the afternoon curled up on the sofa
reading a good book or watching a movie.
why not? and if you're looking for a good book,
check out the list on the right.
i've some wonderful suggestions for you!
i've got my list today too -
a trip up to the farm for the last of our chickens.
free range, organic - i've never tasted chicken such as this!
this year i ordered a turkey from the farm too - a big guy -
we're picking him up too along with our hog from the farm.
a whole year's worth of food for the freezer - what a blessing.
this afternoon i'll be attending my niece's 5th birthday celebration;
a day of family, food and fun.
as i write my little grandson is snoozing away upstairs,
an impromptu sleepover - the best kind!
my little guy will wake up to the scent of fresh bread baking in the oven -
no, i'm not a diva - the recipe is so, so easy and it comes
from one of my VERY favorite cookbooks:
"artisan bread in 5 minutes a day"
by jeff hertzberg and zoe francois
(while you're out today stop by your local library
and see if they have it - you'll love it!)
life is good, and what makes it so are the things on our lists.
the little to-do's that comprise our daily lives.
i'm happy for mine and i hope you are too.

happy saturday dear reader...
photo - my grandbeans, tyler and ella
who are ALWAYS at the top of my list:)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

a kick in the pants from mom...

You need to get back on your blog.
You inspire a lot people.
I hope you get back to it soon.
We all miss you.

This was the first email I read when I opened my inbox this morning. Okay, I don't know about the inspiration part - if that's the case then I'm uber humbled. But what I DO know is that I totally miss spending time here. Writing. Reading other blogs I enjoy.

I don't know how it happened. How I managed to let ALL of October go by with nary a word or whisper from me. One of my favorite months of the year simply breezed past me, probably you too. Funny thing is, I think about blogging every day. Many times a day, as a matter of fact. Ideas for blog posts multiply in my mind, but time gets the best of me and those ideas fade, never making it to the page.

Gosh I hate how time flies! That thought was running through my head as I drove to the library this morning. October, November, very favorite time of year. And once those months are over we seem to be in a rush to have it be summer again. I wondered, what to do to make a day feel longer? How to put the brake pedal on our clock of days?

Awareness. I believe that's where the answer lies. In being aware, as best we can, of every living moment of our day. Looking in the mirror at our sleepy selves in the early morning and saying outloud"hello world, what do you have in store for me today?" (note: sounds crazy, but I do it. everyday.) And then paying attention all day long, 'til night time falls upon us once more. Then taking out that gratitude journal and listing our blessings, thinking back on what the day delivered.

Minute by minute, all the hours of the day. Just being aware of how time flies. Forcing ourselves to savor the moment...

Whew...thanks Mom! Thanks for the wake up call! And thank you, for meeting me here. Please know that I do not take that for granted. And if it's okay with you, I'd love to share November with you. Right here in blogosphere:)