Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tuesday, and all is well...

a morning cup of coffee
the buzz of cicadas whirring through
the screen above my kitchen sink
wrapping sandwiches
securing my lunch time salad
with a snap inside a container
fresh local blueberries on top of my yogurt
the delicious scent of my husband
as i kiss him out the door and into his day
sunshine reflecting in water drops
resting on the leaves of my freshly watered garden
rainbows reflecting in water spray
as i allow myself a few
childlike moments to play with the hose
tucked into my colorful cube at the library
i bury myself all the day long
ordering books, books and more books
lists left long unattended
while i muddled through the murky waters
of the past 6 weeks of my life
a call from the doctor
today is a fairly good day for dad, he reports
i'll take it - if only for a moment
for those "good times" are so rare
as i sip my tea the afternoon through
the little yogi tea tag reminds me to
"be happy so long as breath is within you"
and i am, happy
for this blissfully, so far perfect
absolutely normal day
my very favorite kind of day

i happened upon this pretty little prayer
and though to share it with you...

"normal day,
let me be aware of the treasure that you are.
let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart.
let me not pass you by in the quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.
let me hold you while i may,
for it may not always be so."

wishing you the profound peace
tucked quietly inside
of a perfectly perfect normal day...


photo - sharing more "tea tag wisdom" with you:)

1 comment:

  1. That was indeed the most welcoming start to have for a bright day...
    I also loved the tea tag saying.
    It is really amazing how you manage to contemplate and share your wisdom through little things seemingly trivial for common people like me.
    I am always pleased to be a part of your 'wisdom sharing'