Friday, March 18, 2011

special gift, special friend...

i can't wait to share...
this is one of the birthday gifts
i created for my darling nancy -
sister of my heart & too far away friend.
her birthday was a bit over a week ago, so...
for my nans i knew that not just any gift would do.
i wanted to make her something special,
as she is so very special to me.

so along with a hefty supply of my homemade granola
(which nans refers to as her "comfort food")
and a week's worth of crocheted dish cloths
(a casual hint before christmas -
"what i could really use are some of those crocheted dish cloths!"
see nans? i didn't forget; i just hope they stay together!)
i created a set of jewelry, especially for her...

i've long wanted to play around with the fun vintage
collections of findings, charms and such
that i've spied in the craft stores,
on etsy, and pretty much everywhere.
so on a rainy/snowy saturday morning a few weeks back
i went in search of the perfect pieces to create
a one of a kind gift for a
one of a kind friend.

it was such fun matching pieces i already had
along with treasures i found at the store.
i was in heaven that afternoon in my craft room...
at my work table, thinking of this dear friend,
working on these fun pieces, an audio book
spinning a story for me in the background
(the widower's tale by julia glass - excellent story).

i was thrilled with how the necklace
and matching earrings turned out.

the charms are not without their meaning...
the heart represents our relationship.
we are, indeed, sisters of the heart,
and the bird represents flight;
flight as in although my nans is far away
this is to remind her of how i look forward
to the time when she will again "fly away home"
to me, to her book club gals,
all of us who miss her and can't wait for the
time when we're together again.

i adore the corner of my house that's left just for me,
a bedroom left vacant by daughter #2.
it's mine now and i love it.
and i simply love the possibility
of the things yet to create.
when i take time, make time
to let my imagination take flight.
and what better inspiration
than a gift for a friend
who is, in turn, a gift to me.

happy weekend...

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