Thursday, May 28, 2009

"you can go home again..."

okay, don't laugh. those who know me know what a doggone book snob i am. but at the suggestion of a very good source at the library, i've begun listening to the first audiobook in jan karon's mitford series. i thought i'd never, but i am...completely in love with father tim and the quirky residents of mitford.

rolling green hills, eccentric, loving characters, small town, down home goodness. i'm up to my neck in love with it. what a peaceful place. i've said in the past how i've forgone the daily news to feed the good karma in my home, my life. and in place of the morning news blaring from my kitchen tv as i schmear a miracle whip wash over the day's sandwiches, i opt for the audio book. this charming little tale, so well read by the reader, warms my heart and dishes out to me a generous dose of happy the moment i push play.

am i missing something in my life by keeping quiet the dreary news of the economy, the near collapse of the auto industry, wars being fought on distant lands? hell no. instead i'm learning once again by way of the bliss of fiction...put family first, be a good neighbor, say your prayers and savor the simple things.

oh, and i forewarned by husband as he came in the door this evening...if hallmark does a mitford ornament series, i'll be putting that on my christmas list 6 months from now. that's how ridiculously hooked i am. laugh if you want, but this is a happy place that i don't want to leave:)




  1. I second your thoughts on the news - I stopped watching it years ago. There is so much going on that we can't do anything about but I can choose to surround myself with positive thoughts.

  2. Hmmm - I will have to write that one down and share it with my mom. She told me that she is devouring books lately as a means of escapism!!! Thanks for sharing :)