Monday, May 4, 2009

beading for a cause...

this weekend i set to bead
this lovely little creation
for a silent auction

it's the first time i've ever
done anything more with my beading
other than to create a gift for
someone i love

the cause was a fundraising luncheon

for my son's college lacrosse team

he's one of the captains of the team

and it made me so proud to contribute the necklace is worn as a wrap

once around the neck as tight or loose as you like

then the ends beautifully folded over one another

and left to dangle, pretty like

the lady who won my treasures in the auction

was thrilled exclaiming "they're just my color!"

as she wrapped the necklace around her

i thought to myself - what a perfect fit

simply beautiful on herand the best part of all?

my son won the coaches award

for character, integrity and sportsmanship

at the luncheon that day

the smile on mine and my husbands faces

the pride and love for our son

glowing all shiny like

life in all it's unexpected excitement

being the best kind of sparkly of all...


p.s. please excuse the random spacing gaffs - blogger and i were having difficulty agreeing on how this post should go. blogger won.


  1. How exciting!! What an honor for your son. You and your hubby SHOULD be so proud!! (I am beginning to realize that raising a son worthy of an honor in character, integrity and sportsmanship is NOT an easy thing to do... you both should get shiny medals too!!! j/k!!)
    A note on the blogger spacing issue - I am totally with you on the on-going battles. It seems to goes haywire when you put your photos in. Try adding the photos first and then position the text around them.

  2. That's such cool news to hear about your son, I can only imagine how proud you were and can see you beaming with pride.

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