Monday, April 27, 2009

melissa has tagged so I guess I'll play along.
i love these silly little quizzes...
more for learning a bit more about others
than for revealing the boring little intricacies of my own crazy life.

here goes...

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1. the weekend - chica time with my girls
2. Wednesday being over with - it's a long story
3. shopping tomorrow night
4. going to bed and reading my book
5. spa time on Sunday - my toes can't wait!
6. seeing my son at his college this weekend
7. my stay-cation in a month
8. my hubby going on his fishing trip while
i'm on my stay-cation
(i adore him but i love my once a year space)

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. spent a few hours feeding my coupon addiction
2. made a yummy breakfast for me and my guy
3. yelled at my cats
4. scored big time at jewels and wags with my coupons:)
5. handed out free trees at the library
6. facebooked
7. hosted a "green program" at the library
8. drank wines and passed out on the couch

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. blink like i dream of jeannie and have my kitchen cleaned
2. grow long gorgeous nails
3. sing really good
4. make a living on the public speaking circuit
5. the splits
(not really...i just thought it sounded funny)
6. become rich and famous by selling my kick ass granola
7. convince people to be nice to each other
(mean people suck - a lady was rude to me at the jewels
for no reason at all yesterday. it hurt my feelings)
8. let go

8 Shows I Watch:
(this is really hard - I'm not much for tv)
1. will and grace
2. frasier
3. house
4. the office
5. kath and kim (when it's on...where did it go?)
6. idol (sometimes. i'm not a regular)
7. movies on TCM
8. seinfeld
(i'm the rerun queen)

8 Favorite Fruits:

1. my hubby
(again, not true. he's not really a fruit. it just sounded funny)
2. strawberries
3. melon
4. apples
5. blueberries
(i list them on my grocery list as "bloobs" just cuz i think it looks funny)
6. bananas
7. my homemade applesauce (does that count?)
8. pineapple

8 Places I'd Like to Travel:
1. hawaii (again, over and over)
2. washington state to see the rain forests
3. aruba
4. cape cod
5. savannah, georgia
6. key west
7. the louisiana bayou
8. bali (to that place that elizabeth gilbert went in eat, pray, love)

8 Places I've Lived:
1. wildwood, illinois
2. waukegan
3. round lake beach (ew!!)
4. lake zurich
5. valencia, california
6. wauconda
7. um...i'm running out of places. a state of euphoria?
8. and a state of confusion?
there! done!

People I'm Tagging:
no one b/c i'm a loser and can't boast a host of blogger friends:)

the picture? why an eight note, of course!


  1. Thanks for playing along and I love that you do things to make yourself laugh - it made me laugh too! P.S. your not a loser, we just blog for ourselves and not necessarily for others.

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