Monday, April 13, 2009

turn and face the strange...


That's what's up in my life these days. If I've learned one thing from life over the past couple of years, it's that things can change as quick as a heartbeat. And if you're not inclined to adjust to the foul balls life tosses at you, there's a good chance they'll plow you down like a runner making a fast break for home plate.

We learned late last week that as of June 1st the company where my husband has worked for over 25 years is shutting its doors, "restructuring" and moving to a downtown location. Only a handful of employees were asked to stay on, and of those most have declined the arduous trip to the city. My husband will not be making that move. Instead he will be joining the ranks of those seeking employment in increasingly uncertain times. One thing I am certain about though is that change can be a very good thing. Change, when it comes unexpectedly, can devastate. But it can also liberate, transform, regenerate and make new. I'm a big proponent of the latter. At least that's been my experience with change over the past couple of years.

We're all going to be dealt difficult blows, all of us, our time is coming. But it's how we handle the shift in the tides that determines how smooth the sailing. We're looking at this as yet another challenge to face together, and we're looking at it with optimism. We've planned carefully, lived well but conservatively, and love best the simple pleasures of life. That ought to serve us well in the weeks and months ahead. And the truth is, I'm really kind of excited for this husband of mine. Through his efforts in the days ahead he'll learn new things about himself. And of course we'll once again see the bonds of our marriage strengthen as we face the challenges that lie ahead. The great unexpected. With optimism, enthusiasm and a willingness to accept change we'll go where life leads us.

I keep a quote on my desk at work and refer to it frequently. These words were spoken a few hundred years ago by our very first "First Lady" as she and her husband faced trying, frightening times in our young country. These are words I live my life by...

"I am still determined to be cheerful and happy,
in whatever situation I may be,
for I have also learned from experience
that the greater part of our happiness or misery
depends on our dispositions,
and not upon our circumstances."

It's also my firm belief that it's laugh or cry in this life, and for all practical purposes, I choose to laugh. And I truly do believe in the magic and the power of change. Whether I want it or not. Change, crisis, the unexpected has had a profoundly transforming effect on me over the past couple of years, and it has been all for the good, although it wasn't easy. That's exactly how I feel about this latest bump in the road. Change - adjustment, metamorphosis, conversion, about-face, shift. Imagine the possibilities...



  1. Can I retract my comment from the last post? Now, it seems incredibly insensitive. Sorry, sorry, sorry to hear about the job loss. Bummer - all around! Though, I love your outlook and perspective. If your husband shares that mindset - I KNOW he will go FAR!!!! GOOD LUCK :)

  2. No need to retract Brooke, you were right on! In all honesty I've picked up my knitting needles (my needlework is a mess but I'm trying) and I'm stitching my way through this. And I sure can't wait to sit around our book club circle tonight - sort of like our own little knitting circle. All good things, that's my focus. -t.

  3. This is a total bummer but after 25 years with the same company, this truly can be a great opportunity for him to branch out and do something a little bit different if he chooses so. I know the feeling that being laid off can bring and my advice to you would be to maintain your support and remember that he will likely be on a roller coaster as the job search begins. If he needs any advice or guidance in his search please let me know. Also tell him to remember that rejection will happen and to not take it personally. Hang in there, you both have a great attitude about this opportunity and that will make a huge difference.