Saturday, April 25, 2009

two really good days in a row...

tonight i'm hanging out with these two
Tosca, Figaro...
and we're listening to the rain, the thunder,
the crackle of the fire i've lit in the fireplace
Fig's under my feet
Tosca all curled up on the sofa
and we're just loving this quiet night, just us three
me with my wine, my crackers, my book
(gardens of water by alan drew -lvn it!)
them with me here, me and my opposing thumbs
able to pop open a can of treats
with a simple meow request

and as i'm sitting here with my little cat pals
i'm thinking about how wonderful it is that today i worked
if you could call it that. you see, i am in love with my job
and the people that fill my time there
but yesterday i had the day off
and had the time to take a long walk
through the forest preserve

three point six miles of
the music of spring playing out in full symphony

saying in song
hello i'm here
for real this time

to spend the next few months
with you

i'll bring you

i'll provide you a space
to contemplate life's challenges
(my grand-dog Jasmine
a chicken hearted and simply gorgeous
pit bull terrier gave this little slug
a fright - isn't his shadow amazing?)

what a morning, a perfect way
to spend time with my darling daughter Lindsey,
to enjoy the sheer bliss of a warm and wonderful spring morning
to spend my day off from work
a day to myself
and tonight...more time
to spend as i please
just a book, the fire, my cats
and me.

yesterday the sound of running water
sunshine warming my skin
celebrating the joy of hitting the path once again

and tonight
chilly but still so beautiful out my window

yay...i'm feelin' pretty blessed:)

p.s...i just noticed that the cats are batting around a christmas ornament.
i'm wondering where in the hell they found that?

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  1. Hey! You are a great photographer! I love your eye for the details. Oy...does a nice peaceful, quiet walk sound wonderful - or what? Someday...*sigh*