Wednesday, April 15, 2009

insult to injury...

Wow, am I ever glad this didn't happen to me. This morning in the midst of "goodmorningdidyousleepwellhaveagooddaydon'tforgetyourlunchiloveyougoodbye"
banter I passed along a warning to my husband to take extra care when stopping for red lights in town. Cameras have been installed at each stop light to catch unsuspecting drivers in the act of committing red light crimes. It seems our local municipality is in the red (loads, up to the neck) and is taking advantage of this new technology as an opportunity to pad the coffers. (thank you Peg, i made sure to come to a complete stop BEFORE the white line this morning).

The poor guy, I knew something was wrong last night when I phoned home to say that I'd be a few minutes late. You see I've found a new addiction, a new hobby. Couponing. Thanks to the super couponing lady that spoke at my library a few times this winter, I'm now playing the coupon stacking game. And I'm loving it. This is just one more example of my lemonaide out of lemons outlook on life. And I have to admit, sick as it sounds, I'm hooked. But anyhow, getting to the point. Following my warning to take care and smile for the cameras at every stop light in town, my husband confessed that he was issued a traffic ticket on the way home from work last night. It seems that he was cited for passing on the right, something I do all the time as I lack the patience to sit behind someone who is waiting, waiting, waiting to make a left hand turn.

Like I said, I'm just glad it didn't happen to me. Where he would have reacted in a manner not unlike every other male on the planet thus enforcing mass amounts of guilt resulting in me questioning myself on how I could have ever been so stupid, what was I thinking, where was my head, I simply said "oh Honey, for Heaven's sake. Don't worry. If you need a little extra money I'll share my allowance." I felt so damn bad for him. Never mind the fact that I was mentally calculating the number of tickets he's received over the course of our marriage (many) compared to me (few). As if things aren't already bad enough, as if he doesn't feel shitty enough already with the whole job thing and all, he goes and gets a ticket; $80 painfully donated to the police department.

But what could I say? I really did feel bad for him. I wanted him to know that so what, it was okay. Bum luck, that's all. But if it had been me, well...I'll bet you the story would have had a slightly different ending. That's okay though. This is just one more reason that I thank my lucky stars that I'm female. Life happens, sometimes it's shitty but mostly it rocks. And by the power and magic of the universe, females just seems to have this amazing ability to just roll with life. Up, down, all around. We just take things as they come, take care of the ones we love, and just live. I'm also doubly blessed with the fact that I've been able to talk myself out of just about every ticket a police officer tried to issue me. Another benefit of being female. But I'll be extra careful with those cameras at the stop lights. It's been my experience that cameras can be very unforgiving. As I stop at the white line I'll be sure to smile for the camera and blow a little kiss.


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  1. Love the picture! I have warned my hubby because he is infamous for breaking the "rules of the road" on a fairly "regular" basis. My only ticket (knock on wood) was when I got caught speeding outside of Rockford by an airplane and no contesting that one.