Sunday, April 5, 2009

Feathering my...

nest. sibelius, mozart, haden singing me through
a glorious weekend of loving my home.
time spent in the kitchen.
beer cheese soup topped off with white cheddar popcorn.
a new, absolutely decadent oatmeal cookie recipe
complete with a pecan praline topping.
sunday night dinner with my hubby
by the fire - good old fashioned meatloaf
some good bread, a cold glass of milk.
a big bowl of granola, freshly made
laying in wait on the counter...
mixed with yogurt and fruit for
yummy, healthy work week breakfasts.

laundry folded, done. every last piece.
that's a blessing in itself!
and vacuuming, dusting, mopping, sweeping
my home into shape. what a good feeling.
like my little accent mirror?
found during a scavenger hunt at the
goodwill store with my sister
on saturday - much needed time spent together
just cyndi and me.

my gorgeous dining room "christmas" tree
i meant to take it down this weekend.
it's not really christmassy per se,
still beautiful with it's dried flowers,
twigs, berries...still enchanting.
and it's going to remain standing, right where it is,
i'll add a little here and there to give it a
spring/summer feel.
it'll be my way of making sure to carry
"christmas in my heart the whole year through."
my little grand beans get such a kick out of the fact
that i still have a tree up.
i just don't have the heart to take it down.

oh...and pure indulgence.
my favorite thing to do -
snuggle in with a good book
and cheezits - my favorite reading snack
i'm into two really good books right now
the brief wondrous life of oscar wao
little bee by chris cleave
time to read
time to fuss around
time for a nice long chat with my mom
time to take a good long bubble bath soak
time to blog:)

time's are tough. stress is the buzzword these days.
but i find my peace, my solace, my joy
right here at home
just my hubby, my cats and i.

may your home be filled with blessings and peace.


p.s. so sorry for not posting for the past week. i've missed connecting, sharing with you.
oh, and the pic of the little nest? found out on my driveway on a windy day about 2 weeks
ago. isn't it precious? after all the fussing, arranging, straightening only to land on the driveway! poor little mother bird. maybe with this weather she decided to head back south for another few weeks!


  1. I love the "christmas" tree twist. Just keep it up all year and blend it with the seasons - brillant. Then you avoid the heart wrenching process of putting it away. I always hate the empty/boring feeling that I have once it has been packed away. :)

  2. Welcome back! I love all of the little pictures you took and shared - I love sharing and seeing others pics.