Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"a casa in natura..."

most mornings these past few weeks (say 6 out of 7)
i've been skipping the gym and hitting the trails
of the forest preserve that's right in my back yard.
for me it's church, sanctuary,
connection with He who is far larger than me.

this morning i parked the car, grabbed my camera,
took a deep breath and felt a smile warm up my face.
in the field off to the right of the path, an enormous
gaggle of geese were hanging out, snacking on felled
soybeans left by the recent swoosh of a thresher.
i put on my long lost ten year old self and like a crazy
person ran through the field chasing up the geese.
boy did they give me a telling off, honking in shouts
for me to get off their turf.
they honked, i laughed, and i like to think
that we all had a spot of fun together
on the dawn of this blessed blue grey autumn day.

i never worry about walking on my own
because i know that wherever i go, i'm not alone.

the wind rustling through the now bare trees,
dried grasses and rushes plays a symphony
for me of movement, music, sight, sound.

here i find peace, prayer, creativity.
i hear my voice and the voice of my maker.
this is my heaven right here on earth where
i'm humbled, blessed, listened to and loved.
ever changing, always alive,
just waiting for me to step on the path.

in gratitude and love,

p.s. coming tomorrow (and i promise) my recipe for the best pancakes on the planet
which i enjoyed following my walk in wonder this morning. happy day to you today:)


  1. Ohhhh- such beautiful pictures and words too. I love this post. And am looking forward to those pancakes too ;)

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