Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"she is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain..."

i'm babying my gym-sore muscles and keeping to my kitchen on this fog-blind rainy morning. it's my favorite sort of stay at home day - a rainy, grey, tuck yourself inside sort of day. i'm only home for the morning though. i'll be working a noon to niner because tonight i have book club. my favorite, no contest FAVORITE part of my job at the library. and this morning, in addition to finishing up the book we'll be discussing tonight - Shutter Island by Dennis LaHane (must use caps properly when referring to books and authors) - i'm working on our 2010 reading lists. i've got my titles narrowed down. rounding the bend to having it all wrapped up.

selecting titles for my two reading clubs is a task i'm uber serious about, hashing, rehashing, erasing, adding, scribbling notes on genre, place, characters, timing. and although so much work goes into it, this is a honest labor of love. crazy love. i'm certifiably nuts over books. always have been. the day i learned to read is pretty much paramount (to me, a bibiophile) to the day i took my first breath. i find life in books. stories. call me a bonafide book geek, cuz they're my number one hobby.

so as i finish up this process of honoring my "book club endorsement" to 22 titles that my 2 books clubs will pour through in the upcoming year, i do so with a big smile. a strong feeling of contentment and gratitude. for this grey morning (which if i were a better writer, i'd have a really cool metaphorical description of). my lists (something else i'm passionate about as a fervent reader - reading lists - and mine are the BEST in my humble opinion). a candle burning. a big fat mug of hot coffee. the cat lying next to me. and the thought of all those months ahead...sharing the joy of the story and of all the places we'll go together, my book club friends and i, on the wings of a book.

love from my kitchen on a tuesday morning,
"read, read, read."
william faulkner


  1. Can I make a suggestion? How about adding The Help by Kathryn Stockett? I loved that book and I think Novel Thoughts would too.

  2. Melissa - you can't do that to her now - she is DONE with her list.....or is she????? :) j/k!
    I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next. I love books too.... not as much as you, but still love them! Thanks for all your hard work selecting the perfect books.

  3. I'd love to add that title Melissa, but I'm concerned that, due to the overwhelming popularity of The Help, I'll be unable to get enough copies for the discussion. This one may have to wait until 2011 - but by then everyone will have read it because it's just so good. And we missed you at the Shutter Island disc last night. Creepy book - really fun book talk. Brooke - I'm almost done. Just a little tweaking left to do with both clubs, but I'll have my lists finished by tomorrow. Thanks for being a part of book club - I love your company!