Monday, October 12, 2009

turning corners, changing directions...

isn't this pic the coolest? i love it. it was taken on lake pepin in stockholm wisconsin on a recent visit. huz and i visited the most beautiful place i think i've ever seen. honestly, we both agreed that maui had nothing on this little hidden gem of a hamlet up in the mississippi river just a breath south of minnesota. we hit the road to escape the stress of a most uncertain reality, both in our personal, and also our professional lives. we needed to connect. with ourselves. with each other. since our visit, i feel myself coming back to life a bit. huz has a new direction on his life map - a new job, which he is very excited over. me too. we needed this. a new place. new faces. new opportunities and a new point of interest on the map that is our lives. this has been the happiest, scariest, sometimes saddest, most misunderstood summer of our married life. but we made it. us two. and now? we're feeling pretty good together. so excited for each other. huz with his new job (yay god - thanks to his blessings, and of course to good friends for pointing us toward new directions) me with my kick ass library job and my new granola gig. life's pretty good if you just give it a chance, you know?

this summer we've experienced some very trying times. but with a true and honest love, a firm foundation and blessings from above, we're sure to make it through. when i look at my husband, i see the future. and from where i stand, it looks pretty good. like the beach. at sunset. through the eyes of a child. innocence. trusting love. what more is there to life, when it all comes down to it? being there for each other. the way we promised to be, oh so long sickness and in health, in good times and in bad. you know the verse. and it's through the test of time that those words come to mean so much more...the promise of a lifetime.
wifely words of wisdom (and learning and growing each day)


  1. The picture is fantastic! Pepin sounds like some place I need to visit. SOON ;)
    Seems like the fall will bring lots of new and exciting changes for you both. I love this post! Your writing is so honest and heartfelt. Keep 'em coming.
    PS. I didn't get very far on the book this month :(

  2. Beautifully written as always and so full of the brightness of you and your huz's future. So happy for both of you.

  3. Yeah for a breath of fresh air! My fiancee and I visited Door County this past weekend - another great place to reconnect. You words of wifely wisdom I will keep with me as I embark on this new journey with my Jay. Thank you.

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