Friday, December 4, 2009

just for the sake of saying i wrote today...

i'm so, so grateful for...

  1. friends. book club friends. library friends. roberta. peggy. carolyn. nans. my little sister cyndi. nancy k. irene. so many more. how did i ever manage to deserve such collegial bounty?
  2. my job. the opportunities it presents. books. programs. trips. people. i live my dream each day of the week. and i get paid for it.
  3. my husband. my high school sweetheart. his love. his support and help. the fact that at 6 a.m. he got up and shovelled the drive and then came in and cleaned our bathroom. i'm such a slob and he's my absolute perfecto polar opposite. but he always says "we make a great team." i love you D.
  4. coming home tonight after a wintry wonderful bus trip day to a quiet house, a glass of pinot (or three) white cheddar popcorn and a good book (wideacre - philippa gregory's first novel - cheezy, but i'm in my "free read" zone)
  5. looking forward to my annual holiday book club luncheon tomorrow - amazingly wonderful women who are SO MUCH fun to be with. i. simply. can't. wait.
  6. writing. because when you do it, you can do it however you want. simple, or complex.
  7. thinking each day that, although i don't always write, it's there waiting for me for when i allow the time.
  8. seeing the pabst mansion for the very first time and feeling alive with inspiration at what surrounded me.
  9. my antique shop steals - two shiver my spine pictures that hid away in wait, only for me to find them.
  10. the fact that my friends won't let my granola dream die, no matter how much i push it off. thank you.

my slightly wine-soaked head's headed for the sofa. my favorite christmas quilt. a pillow to rest my head. those cheezy "fa la la la la lifetime" christmas movies. and quiet. peace in my life. rest. and getting ready for tomorrow when i celebrate with friends. friends in books. what better friends could there be.

tomorrow is st. nicholas eve. get your list ready:)




  1. It was a great luncheon - thanks again for being the best hostess, book club leader, and friend.

  2. DITTO ;)
    Melissa beat me to it!!!