Thursday, June 10, 2010

jeepers...six days since i've checked in.
so many "blog thoughts" running through my mind;
reasons to write, to reflect.
running on empty but trying not to pay attention.
scared but trying not to let it show.
juggling everything in life as best i can,
and knowing that although it may look good from the outside
one false move or unexpected quick turn
and my house of cards will tumble into a heap.
but trusting, leaning on faith.
"pray" being my answer to those asking how they can help.
believing that this strange and kind of scary story
will have a happy ending.
and i do believe that.
in the sound of my daughter's laughter,
her unique sense of humor through all of this,
watching her kiss her children,
seeing how she holds them...
i just know it will all be okay.
that's what faith does
revealing rays of sunshine on the far side of a cloudy sky
in the warm hug of a friend
the sweet child scents as i kiss my grandbabies on their heads
the feeling in my heart that god is in control.
so much in life is beyond our control,
that's the hardest part i think.
but what i can control,
how i react,
that power rests inside me.
i choose peace. i choose to trust.
i'm so happy, thankful and feeling very blessed
for how everything is at this very moment.
and knowing my family rests surely
in the palm of his hand.
blessings abound...


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  2. Blessings all around indeed. It seems the harder we try to control everything, the worse it is. I find myself having to stop and relight the match under my faith fire. "Let go and let God"...words to live by ;)