Friday, June 11, 2010

quoting john keats...

"i scarcely remember counting upon happiness -
i look not for it if it be not in the present hour -
nothing startles me beyond the moment.
the setting sun will always set me to rights -
or if a sparrow come before my window
i will take part in its existence..."

feeling mighty passionate about life, the upside down and right side up of it. and blessed. looking forward to a really good weekend. tomorrow morning i'll meet with my new earth book club gals - truly the most amazing women i know - all of them. the afternoon brings celebration - my niece caity's high school gradutation and all the excitement of her impending college plans.

gathered together with supportive and god's honest true friends. a felicitous family celebration. good food. simply the best conversations, all around. quality time, quantified. perfect recipe for a satisfying weekend. a fine break from life's nine to five.

living in the now
and in the knowing
that now is the best place to be...

wishing you your favorite kind of weekend.
p.s. photo...sunset on the sonoran dessert in arizona on my last evening there
trying to keep hold of that sedona state of mind:)
its a good place to be

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