Saturday, November 6, 2010

carpe diem...

seize the day
for whatever the day brings you.
it's saturday
a day to get things done.
or not.
whatever it is that's on your to-do list to-day,
do it with love.
because its on YOUR list
and that's important.
cleaning the house today?
consider it showing the love
giving care to your surroundings.
heading to the market?
buy yourself something special -
a little pint of ice cream, some chocolate...
you deserve it.
spending the afternoon on the soccer field with your kids?
drink it in -
whistles blowing, parents cheering,
the wide blue sky above you
shining down upon you...
its all yours. today.
or maybe spend the afternoon curled up on the sofa
reading a good book or watching a movie.
why not? and if you're looking for a good book,
check out the list on the right.
i've some wonderful suggestions for you!
i've got my list today too -
a trip up to the farm for the last of our chickens.
free range, organic - i've never tasted chicken such as this!
this year i ordered a turkey from the farm too - a big guy -
we're picking him up too along with our hog from the farm.
a whole year's worth of food for the freezer - what a blessing.
this afternoon i'll be attending my niece's 5th birthday celebration;
a day of family, food and fun.
as i write my little grandson is snoozing away upstairs,
an impromptu sleepover - the best kind!
my little guy will wake up to the scent of fresh bread baking in the oven -
no, i'm not a diva - the recipe is so, so easy and it comes
from one of my VERY favorite cookbooks:
"artisan bread in 5 minutes a day"
by jeff hertzberg and zoe francois
(while you're out today stop by your local library
and see if they have it - you'll love it!)
life is good, and what makes it so are the things on our lists.
the little to-do's that comprise our daily lives.
i'm happy for mine and i hope you are too.

happy saturday dear reader...
photo - my grandbeans, tyler and ella
who are ALWAYS at the top of my list:)

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  1. Awww what a wonderful post...I ADORE your beautiful Grands!! They look like they are SOOOO fun!! Tell Tyler and Ella that their Gram is a pretty neat gal!! :)
    I hope your Saturday was a care-free and awesome autumn day my friend-I know mine was. :)