Friday, February 13, 2009

life expanded...

life is just too big to get a hold of right now
like a balloon growing larger by the moment
i chase after it reaching for the string
knowing if i can just grab hold then i'll be in control
my fingers brush the surface
enough to create that funny squawky balloon sound
but the string slips from my grasp
teasing, taunting, begging to be caught
i'm determined to make it mine
tie it down to keep it from floating away
i know i can catch it
by running just a bit faster i'll have it in my grip
and i won't have to run anymore
the chase will be over
life will have maintained a size
that fits easily into the palm of my hand


  1. So close - yet so far! Keep reaching :) You'll get it!

    My word verification was "sessess" Who comes up with this stuff????? WILD!

  2. Life can be exhausting but I just keep reminding myself that I still have "the gift of life". Keep holding your head up high.