Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One day in the middle of a week...

from the start, a pretty good day
everything going well... typical I guess
my daily trip to the gym
watching my Ella Starr at her swim lesson
my wild, wonderful Ella
living her little life largely with reckless abandon
peeking in on my Tyler Bean in his preschool class
stealing an unscheduled hug
day progressing...work
plans for the upcoming programming season filled in on my calendar in ink
just going through a regular day
tonight a meeting...time spent with a woman I so admire
a woman whose daughter suffers young with cancer
invasive, devastating, defeating
those of us who know her well share words of comfort and hope
touching bases with my son
inquiring about a cold he's been sacked with
tensions he's under with school, sports
home...hubby waiting with a hug and a smile
and news
a neighbor dear to us wrestles with illness that threatens his life
one of my son's high school team mates
age 20 at best
is living his last days
his battle with cancer ending in defeat
me...sitting with my husband
quiet, sad, shocked, stunned
us, blessed
that we have each other to hold onto
when life makes us smile
providing the promise of each other
for when tears speak the words that our hearts cry out
me, vowing yet again
to never take any of it for granted

be gentle, look up, reach out



  1. Life is so very precious and this is tenderly written. My thoughts are with them.

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