Tuesday, February 24, 2009


i miss writing
i miss order in my home
i miss knowing what's in the drawers of my refrigerator
i swear i've been wearing the same 4 outfits over and over
for at least a month now
i'm sorry i haven't kept up
life is crazy
good, but crazy
busy times at work
weekends that don't let up
but life is good
despite the news which i block out
choosing instead to fill my home with stories
read to me as i begin and end my days
or classical music
notes written and played
for kings, queens and legends
as i prepare our evening meals
i thrive on a fast pace
new challenges, changes in direction
but none the less
i'm longing
for time...
to write
to share
to dream
with you
who are just as busy as me
lives lived in a flurry
you, me


here is a photo i took of figaro a few weeks ago
my little blogging buddy
i miss him too


  1. Take the time you need and deserve to write. It grounds us and makes us better all around. P.S. We all miss your writing when you don't blog too.

  2. Melissa, knowing that you take the time to read my thoughts is so humbling. And I'm with you about the writing - it frees me in ways that I'd never have imagined. I'm so happy that through books we've become friends!

  3. Chase wandered by while I was reading this and he thought your cat was Bogie. They do look a LOT alike :) Yup - I know how you feel..... god, I wish for more time to do the things I love. I have too many hobbies it seems - HA! It is sometimes impossible to find the right balance and prioritize our worlds to eek out just a little ME time. But do find it and spend it wisely!!! (That is a nice way of saying - YES write more please. I always appreciate your posts!!!)

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