Thursday, June 18, 2009

four reasons why i love my camera (and poetry)...

my garden in the morning
is a display of precious gems
roses holding shining crystals...
jewels hidden by the fleeing night,
between red folds of velvet

poem...unknown. i found it and it fit.
i love the simplistic beauty of the words.
photos...mine. amateur photography as best as i can do.


  1. Wow, those roses are divine! Did they come from your garden? I am sure they did, but they look like they came from a florist!!!!

  2. roses are courtesy of (not really, me and my sis paid for them) costco. we used them in gorgeous arrangements we designed for our parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration a few weeks ago. two weeks later, they're still hanging on. i'll be sad when i have to give them to the compost heap.

  3. I agree - I love my camera too. I love having fresh flowers in the house and I only wish they appeared more often. Maybe I need a flower garden too?? - oh that's pushing it for me :)

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