Wednesday, June 17, 2009

reasons to smile...

okay, i'm back from my self induced period of gloom. i guess we're entitled (probably because we can't help ourselves) to bouts of melancholy. thank heavens those moments come and go like a breeze. i'm feeling much better today. and i do stand by my claim that daily exercise works miracles in boosting one's spirit and general outlook. i slept a bit "in" this morning, and as a result i was going to bypass my morning workout. changed my mind though. huffed my butt to the gym for a good hour long cardio session and was indeed much improved for my effort. i highly recommend this therapy; it's guaranteed to pick you up when you're feeling blue, and is sure to lift even the loftiest of spirits.

so am finding self to be in a celebratory mood. among the reasons for my felicitous nature is that today is my lovely daughter lindsey's 27 birthday. she's pictured above with her gorgeous (then fiance' now hubby) matt. what a couple. it was at their house that i enjoyed that amazing shrimp boil i wrote of a few short posts ago. what a diva lindsey is - amazing cook, house looks like a pottery barn photo shoot, innate sense of personal style - she amazes me. so happy birthday sweet girl - i hope your day shines. you sure do!

among other blessings to thank for my mental boost is my wonderful husband. we're going through a bit of a transition these days. you see, my mr. wonderful (that's a good name for him - from now on he'll be referred to as such) finds himself, for the first time in our 34 year relationship, unemployed. his company is going south faster than water runs downstream, and he has found himself (and many of his coworkers) without a job. for the first time in his life he has more time on his hands than he knows what to do with. i'm seeing a different side of the man i've loved for the better part of my life and boy, do i like what i see. he's relaxed, he's around, he's there for me like never before. i wish we could win the lottery so that he could stay home forever. we've planned for this transition. we knew it was coming. although it's a concern, we know we'll be okay. we have each other and that's all we've ever needed.

so we're taking advantage of this extra time we have. we go to the gym together in the morning. take walks together. we're talking more than i think we ever have. at the end of next week we're taking off for our favorite place up north. just the two of us this year. we go every year but typically we have a few kids with us. this year it's just us. boy, do we need it.
we're making lemonade out of lemons, looking on the bright side, counting our blessings and not our problems. living in such a manner seems to keep problems at bay. i guess that's why a "itchy scratch" sort of day really gets under my skin. it goes against my nature to be blue. i'm an optimist, so to be all bumblefucked like that really ticks me off. then again, that was yesterday...
"keep your face to the sunshine, and you'll never see the shadow."

(quote by helen keller)


  1. Great post! Keep up the positive thinking. I get good vibes just from reading your stuff these days. THANKS ;)

  2. thanks brooke...i'm a walking good vibe, honestly. i hope your little guy is feeling better. i've been thinking about him and feeling sad that he's so sick. sick kids make for very trying times! hope all is on the up swing, my friend!

  3. Your positivness is contagious!! I love reading your posts!

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