Sunday, June 14, 2009

sunday at home in the garden...

you who walk
maybe with troubled thoughts
enter here and rest...

and may the sweet serenity

of growing things

and the heavenly...


be mirrored in thy soul.
poem courtesy doxis palmer
photos thanks to my garden and my maker


  1. GREAT PHOTOS! Your garden looks beautiful! I may need to stop by and "rest my troubled thoughts!" Well, they aren't even really that troubled. But it still looks like a nice place to rest :)

  2. you are welcome rest your "troubled thoughts" or any thoughts you might have in my garden any time brooke! it's always open:)

  3. Beautiful photos and I'm hopeful my garden will grow beautifully as well some day - I'm just grateful for the rain otherwise with my travels I don't know if they would get watered:)

  4. Your garden is in beautiful bloom! Can't wait to see it!