Tuesday, June 16, 2009

heading west...

today is one of those tangled up in my mind sort of days. i feel restless, tired of worrying about the same old mental impediments routinely inflicted via the trappings of certain relationships. do you find yourself often asking "am i doing the right thing?" that's the pothole in the road that's my life. i'm sure you've had days like this; itchy scratchy don't know what's up your butt sort of days. days that make you want to get in your car and in perfect thelma and louise style push that pedal to the metal and head west, not knowing where the road's going to take you but just knowing that you need to be taken somewhere (and please not the nearest psychiatric unit)?

is there an answer to the restlessness of the soul? where is it, how can i find it? this morning i hit my favorite spot for times like these - the gym. there's nothing like a good work out with the weights - my muscles providing physical strength to make up for the mental strength i seem to be lacking. following that i did a three plus run/walk trek in the forest preserve. it helped, always does. for the rest of the day i'll mind my diet - drink lots of green tea, water, and ply myself with foods which enable the mood to lift.

but even the itchy scratch days are golden...they're days i get to have. and i wouldn't trade them, or any days i've been blessed with. that's the essence, the path to getting through and moving forward...gratitude, being gracious and thankful. and i am.

blessed be...
photo is one in my collection of those taken on my forest preserve path


  1. thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Glad you enjoyed my work. carrianne

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