Monday, January 11, 2010

That's what I like about you...

Last weekend I had lunch with my friend V. Finally a spot cleared in our busy schedules to sit back, break bread and catch up. V's one more precious friendship made through my job at the library. There are others besides me who consider her to be one of those "everyday angels;" caring, loving, giving.

V has been an incredible support to my husband in the past year as well. For the past nine months she has led the job networking group at my library; a group that has been of tremendous benefit to my husband and so many others who find themselves victims of the employment disaster. She has done this purely on a voluntary basis, giving her time and providing encouragement and support to the group. She's the real deal - a truly wonderful human being.

In conversation at lunch, there was something V said that really struck me - in a positive way. She said it a couple of times. As we sat and conversationally solved the problems of the planet, if not our own lives, in explaining herself V said, "That's one thing I like about myself..." and then she proceeded in conversation by mentioning a particular trait which she possessed. Positive traits, like striving to be non-judgemental, those kind of things. But those words, that phrase, "That's one thing I like about myself," that just really caught me.

My friend wasn't boastful, spoke with not a hint of conceit or self-absorption. She simply stated a few things that she particularly liked about herself. And this had me thinking, right away to be honest. How often do we admit to ourselves, or to anyone for that matter, the things that we like about ourselves? When was the last time (if ever) I made such a statement? I loved that V could just do this, very comfortably in fact. It was a lesson to me. Perhaps a lesson for all of us.

We spend so much time focusing on what we don't like about ourselves, and this we share with pretty much anyone who will listen. I hate my hair. I have a terrible singing voice. I dance like a fool. I wish I were more attractive. I wish I were thinner, fatter, taller, shorter, lighter, know the spiel. When was the last time you heard someone say "That's one thing I really like about myself..." and not just in an attempt to toot their horn? When was the last time YOU said it to YOURSELF?

Thinking positive, being positive and starting with our own selves...imagine that. And as I write this I think "what DO I really like about myself?" How many things can I come up with, these things that I like about myself? How about you? I think it's time to start thinking more along these lines, things I like about myself. Things I have to offer. Things I've been physically blessed with (thanks Mom for my blue eyes). The woman that I've become by navigating the twists and turns on the road that is my life. I like thinking like this.

One thing I really like about myself is that I seem to make friends easily. I don't know why, perhaps its because I really like people. I like that about myself too - that I really like people. All their different personalities. The way they are. What they do. How they look. God's divine creations, and I'm fascinated by them.

There, that's two things. Now what about you? Start a list...

photo - "I like you."

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