Wednesday, May 19, 2010

can i just say something?

i'm stumped and just a tad miffed. or maybe i'm simply naive and lack a clear understanding of why people blog, what their purposeful intent truly is. sometimes i even wonder why i do this. but when i don't blog (write. for me it's about the writing) i miss it. i feel bad when i let my blog go unattended. i do that often, irritatingly often. i always mean to do better but life gets in the way.

i blog for a creative outlet. i blog to share my humble words. and i'll admit, it really is a wonderful feeling to have a reader say "WOW" occasionally. but that's not what i'm looking for. that's not why i'm here. i'm here because, when i have time, i love to play with words and share them. i also love to read other blogs and be inspired by the creativity i find - so much of it really. i'm frequently in awe of the minion of talented people just throwing themselves into blogland, all for the reading pleasure.

my purpose of this rant is to try to gain some understanding of why people post comments only for the purpose of advertising their blogs. i really don't like that. sometimes i get a little nervous when i see a posted comment, worrying that if i, or someone who follows my blog clicks on the comment link, they might infect their computer with a virus or something else that follows along those awful lines. is no place sacred? can't people just rest on their own creative merits, casting stones on their own imaginative waters. dare i use the word "opportunists?"

i have my favorite blogs i read, my very most favorite being those created by my friends - brooke, melissa and amy. i do not, and neither do they, use each other's spaces as a method of gaining readers. i post their blogs on my list of faves. if readers have the urge to explore, they're more than welcome to. encouraged even, as i'm positive they're going to like what they find. there are others there too, on my faves list, that are fun, inventive and oh so creative.

i guess i could end this by saying that we're all creative. we all (despite what we tell ourselves) have the ability to create and should do so merely for the purpose of pleasing ourselves. if others respond, the blessing expands. but don't use my space, or anyone elses, to pander your site, or the goods you sell, or your political or religious beliefs. this is a fun and pretty space. i don't want it sullied by erroneous and unwelcome visitors seeking ways to purport themselves on others.

whew...there. i'm done.
happy, peaceful wednesday.
wherever you are, be the best you can be
simply for the purpose of your own delight.


  1. WOW - isn't blogland interesting?!? Did you read my blog today, by chance? (And that question is sincere, not as a means to drive traffic there - wink, wink!) Similiar subject matter, different take!
    So, anyway, I hear you on the commenters. I myself am a "commenter" because I feel weird, I guess, reading someone's blog and not saying at least a "Hey, I dropped by and love your pics or writing or whatever!" I really don't do it to drive traffic my way, but it does end up happening... that is just the way blogland works - right?

    Keep in mind that some do this bloggy stuff to earn a living and leaving comments all day is part of their JOB.

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