Thursday, May 20, 2010

footsteps to the year 2022...

panting, sweaty, and tired but refreshed after a good long run in the forest preserve this morning, i plopped my keys and my ipod down on the counter and grabbed for the phone. i needed to call my daughter, quick. quick before she headed out the door with my grandson tyler for the walk to the bus. the bus that would take him to school where he would spend his last day as a kindergartner.

before the bus carried tyler off i wanted to talk to him. to tell him that i love him, that i'm proud of him for how far he's come these past nine months. i wanted to wish him a good day at school, this last day as a kindergartner, because in just a few hours he'd be an official "first grader." i just wanted to hear his funny, scratchy precious little voice, how it sounds today. that voice will change in a few hours. the only ones capable of detecting that hint of change will be his mother and me. we'll hear it. we'll recognize it. and we know the changes that first grade will have (full days spent away in school) on that voice.

tyler's little boy days are becoming a commodity. priceless days worth their weight in gold. far be it for me to even consider squandering a second, a minute, an hour. and i wanted to make sure that he knew how precious he, in his little boy self, is to me.

unfortunately he was in a bit of a snit at the time i called. just prior to the ring of the telephone tyler and his little sister ella had a disagreement. apparently ella had said something which hurt tyler's feelings, so at my call he was all broody and wouldn't come to the phone. no worries, i said on speaker phone (for he WAS going to hear what i had to say) and proceeded to wish him well and give him my love. then as i was speaking with my daughter i could hear tyler and ella in the background continuing their squabble.

after a sigh and a "hold on a minute mom" i listened to my daughter douse the fire. not with punishing words, but with words that build. words that teach understanding and respect. and with the sound of her voice i was overcome with admiration and pride in this beautiful girl of mine. this strong, fierce, wise and loving mother, my daughter. i thought of the times that i said some of the same words to her, words that i was now hearing her impart on babies of her own. more words too, far wiser, most likely reaching further than those i used so many years ago. continue to use actually, as i still have a college son at home, though he seems to be doing a fine job in making his own way in life.

the morning's conversation with my daughter and my grandson (who remained silent, but i knew he heard every word i said) was such a blessing. one more which comprises my life. a life that is my family. it's what i do, why i am. they're all i'll ever need. i am rich beyond measure because of what we share together. i'm glad i get that - realizing what's real. recognizing true riches, the only ones that matter.

wishing you blessings,
you and your family...
sure to recognize them for the treasure they are
and never discount the treasure that is you.


photo is of tyler (my little bubba-lou) early last summer
i'm very proud to say that he has my eyes:)


  1. Your daughter's wisdom as a mother reflects on you, Terri. Girls learn how to mother by watching their own. I know that the reason I'm a good mother to Colin is because my mum modelled what 'good mother' meant. You should be gratified that *your* wisdom is now benefitting a second generation. What a wonderful heirloom.

    (P.S. This is actually Lynn, not Julie. I'm on my mother's computer. :-> )

  2. tears.... this brought tears to my eyes!!!
    Thanks ALWAYS for your wisdom and your way with words and your passion.... I could easily keep going.... :D

  3. and - OH MY - THAT is one SWEET ride :D (the bike!)

  4. I stumbled across your blog and just had to leave a comment. I love the way you have with words. It's such a wonderful feeling to read a blog post that tugs at your heartstrings. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. I must say... you have magic at your fingertips!
    Loved it... moistened my eyes as I read through.
    Your apt use of words and strikingly beautiful description makes it all a masterpiece!
    Lots of Love,
    Keep writing...