Sunday, May 30, 2010

looking at life from upside down...

at least that's the way it seems. lesson learned and confirmed over the past 5 days is that life can change at a moments notice. does, in fact. we 'gotta face up to this, realize that it happens to all of us. the when and why of it remains a mystery, the timing left to destiny's whim.

i won't go into it at length, but this happened to me this week. or more correctly, it happened to my daughter. my daughter i wrote of in my last post. tuesday night my 31 year old beauty hops into bed after tucking the babies in. wednesday morning she wakes up and her life is drastically changed.

after pokes and probs and tests and wringing of the hands, it has been determined that my daughter has suffered three small strokes. again, she's only 31. the culprit? a little hole in her heart. one like her mama has, only mine knows how to behave. thankfully she's profound damage or side effects from her little brain twist. after a little physical therapy her body should right itself.

surgery is called for now, and as soon as possible. a procedure will be done which will place two tiny "umbrella like" pieces on the inside and outside of the little hole in her heart. push the button, umbrellas open and hole is plugged. that's the simple version. and prognosis beyond that is excellent. she'll be back to keeping her crazy schedule in no time flat.

thank god. thank god it wasn't worse, for it certainly could have been. thank god we're close, both personally and geographically. we're 4 minutes apart, door to door. thank god for my family. we're already mighty tight but stuff like this just strengthens the bond. thank god for my grandbabies, tyler and ella. they kept me sane. being with them kept the worries at bay. thank god for my faith. most of all for my faith. i rest in the assurance that god will take safe care of my precious girl. and thank god for friends. i didn't even need to ask...they're already taking care, providing meals, love and a shoulder to lean on.

don't let the media fool you into thinking it's all gloom and doom
look around you, at the faces of the people you love
and at the faces of people who love you.
we live in a wonderful world
just like the song says.
happy memorial day weekend
i'm taking it easy,
but not resting fully until the umbrella's up.


  1. Thank you for your comment. Felt indeed blessed and honoured!
    Loved your post, as usual.
    Specially the closing composition is awesome.
    And what I love the most is your unending positivity and a balanced reach for things.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Love and peace to you.

  2. oh dear - my heart goes out to your family and S and the kiddos!!! I can't believe this. Is she doing okay?
    I am available to help with the beans - ANYTIME!!!!
    I will be praying for her.

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