Friday, July 24, 2009

are we having fun yet...

well, are we?
are you genuinely having a good time
just living your life?
can you admit to yourself
", mine, is just plain fun?"
can you say with honesty
that you're truly, simply, happy?
i was thinking about this, being happy, having fun
on my way to work this morning.
i was experiencing the joy i get out of just gazing around
the crazy, wonderful, down home town
i live in, work in, play in.
people dropping their dogs off at the doggie salon
folks sitting outside the local coffee shop
soaking up a precious summer morning
our local barber sweeping yesterday's dust off his front step
runners, bikers, moms pushing strollers - happy babies tucked inside
coaches whistles blowing,
waking the boys from summer slumber,
preparing them for another grueling year
of competition on our high school football stadium
seeing the boys on the practice field, lining up, running drills
...and for a moment slipping back myself to days when it was my boy
who'd grumble his way to those early summer practices
while, little did he know, it was then, those times,
that taught him lessons he'd be using for the rest of his life.
and i thought to myself, for me this is it.
just this. i'm having fun. doing nothing more than just living my life.
i don't need fancy restaurants or jet planes flying me here or there
(though i admit i'm grateful when those infrequent opportunities arise)
i don't need an expensive wardrobe
my home is just that, a home, filled with bumped up, banged up furniture
pictures of purple monkeys, rainbows, quotations that move me
covering my monstrous frigidaire (bought second hand, of course)
and i have fun, bona fide, true, honest fun
just living my life...
asking for nothing more.
how about you,
are you in need of a "fun check?"
if you're lacking, do something about it
now, don't wait.
the clock is ticking, life in all it's glorious simplicity
is too rich to miss.

with a smile and a wish for a happy weekend...

this afternoon i'm looking forward to the fun i'll have on my very first
personal artist's date. just me and my camera and a two hour trip
through the antique shops in my town.
two places i've longed to visit but never taken the time.
i can't wait:)
and isn't the photo the coolest? it's a vintage postcard photo of my town,
main street, wauconda from the u.s. war archives. see? fun!


  1. Oh my, I swung by the deli for lunch and wanted to go to the 2 antique shops but had Tanner with me so it wasn't an option. How funny that we were thinking the same thing!!!

    P.S. I really do love my life but there's always room for more fun!

  2. Ahhh.. I do love our cute little town! Thanks for the reminder to take the glass half full rather than empty approach on life. Sometimes I tend to get bogged down with the NOT so fun stuff.

  3. This is the topic that has been on my mind the last few days. How ironic...It's time for a step back, a fun check, and a leap forward into a "try new thing" moment and just do it. I was walking this morning and all I heard was the nature around me, the cars zooming by, and felt the wind blowing after a night of rain and it was awesome. Just living in that very moment :)

  4. ...and i think you hit the nail on the head when you referred to "living in that very moment." that's where we must strive to find ourselves at any given time - in the moment, involved in what's happening right now - not backwards or forwards, but right here:)