Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"your intuition is your best friend"
"you are unlimited"

"there is nothing more precious than the self"
"when ego is lost, limit is lost. you become infinite, kind, beautiful."

"travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light..."

these are the little messages that are printed out on the
tabs of my favorite brand of tea - yogi.
i've saved lots of them, pinning them around my office cube
reminding me daily of universal truths
that effect me, and you too
i just opened a box of my new favorite, peppermint
it rests next to my old favorite, super-antioxidant green
little packages of warm tea and soothing wisdom
lying wait in my desk drawer
to savor, to heal,
to give cause for a smile and peaceful thoughts.

if you're a tea drinker like me, you should try some
even if you don't, i'll bet you'll be glad you did:)



  1. I love tea but just can't seem to make it right. I think we need a tea party sometime and I'm sure Helen would show us (I mean me) how to make good tea. P.S. I love inspiration quotes or sayings on packaging.

  2. Hey... my coffee pods don't have little words of wisdom printed on them! Maybe I should consider switching beverages?

  3. I would love a tea party! And yes, with Helen - that would make for a truly authentic tea now wouldn't it? And Brooke, maybe we're on to something - inspiration quotes on k-cups!

  4. I love tea and a tea party would be so much fun! I like trying out different flavored teas.

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