Wednesday, July 15, 2009

sending positive thoughts...

your way. and sending them to others as well. since i've become wrapped up in a cocoon of reading which encourages self improvement and self awareness, i've become acutely aware of how i perceive others. i've become more aware of how i see people and more aware of those nasty little snap judgements i/we make about others as we go about our lives. you know the kind, those nasty little thoughts you have about others - does she realize how bad those pants look on her, get out of my way jerk - i have places to go, if this cashier would move just a little bit quicker i'd really appreciate it, do my coworkers HAVE to talk so loud? don't they know i'm trying to concentrate?? - those kind of thoughts. we have a million of them a day. or maybe i do, i shouldn't assume you do too. but we're human. we can't help it. or maybe we can.

i've become more aware of those negative thoughts, about how they destroy, the negative energy they create, how they demean and make me feel like a lesser person. i'm doing something about it. beginning with my early morning trips to the gym, with every person i see i try to connect a positive word or a positive thought. because really, people are amazingly beautiful, incredibly wonderful, perfectly unique. it's so much fun to look at a person and think to myself - beautiful hair, friendly face, gorgeous smile, cute outfit, warm and friendly voice, good friend. what a difference a positive thought makes! and hopefully that extraordinary energy will make a difference for the blessed person on which intentions are sent.

it's a cool practice, and really, a challenge. which leads me to my next thought which is that we should be doing the same for ourselves. for our own inner angel. crush the ego that says we can't accomplish much, that we can't write, can't sing, can't draw, are out of shape, our thoughts don't matter. turn it around on ourselves. you can accomplish the world if you believe in yourself. there's a writer in you waiting to be discovered. you have a voice - speak, sing, laugh out loud. draw yourself a rainbow, paint a picture. you're beautiful, you can be healthy, you can run a mile. what you think, what you matters.

look around you. see the beauty. look in the mirror and see the beauty looking right back at you. look inside yourself and unlock your potential. share kind thoughts - give them away a million times a day. and be kind to yourself. be aware of the beauty and talent that is yours alone.

happy wednesday my friends...



  1. I think you must have dived into chapter 2 so I'm a week behind you and struggling with morning pages because they have to be written in the morning - the worst time of day. I'm trying to think positive and your words have reminded me that self improvement isn't easy.

  2. Allow yourself to struggle Melissa. Even if you write I HATE THIS enough times to fill three pages, so be it. It isn't called an "exercise" for nothing! I struggle too, but I'm seeing the light at least. And my paper is a legal sized pad! Hang in there sweetie, and we're all here to help each other!