Sunday, July 26, 2009

two magical hours swept away...

i made an agreement with myself earlier in the week
to keep a date with artist's date.
so for two hours last friday i set out around town,
with camera in tow, to see what i could see.
i peeked in the windows, then went inside
"...i have my camera, i'd like to take pictures, do you mind?"
the friendly shop owners only too welcoming replied,
"take your time, have fun, and if we can be of help just ask."

from there i slipped into another life
a photographer's life, an artist's life
while my eyes excavated treasures i'd never imagined

crystals casting rainbows inside my imagination

shapes, form, texture
mixed elements giving way to the softness
of the feminine form

i wasn't only seeing, but feeling, hearing
the gentle spirit of another time

where a woman is a lady,
and a man a handsome knight in shining armor

my head swirled in the beauty
shining dance floors lit with crystal magic
and i imagined grand couples spinning in waltzes
as i heard long ago music playing

i heard the wisdom of the ages
in a voice whispered by a funny little china man
transfixed by his stare
he became my model, standing ever so still
allowing me and my camera the pleasure of his company

and in a turn i was stopped still by a look of innocence
who is this child? where did she come from?
is she yours, is she mine?

i glanced down at my everyday summer skirt
and wished, oh how i wished
that i could dress in such beauty each day
wondering how it really was in another time
a time when a woman was allowed her femininity
and a man wasn't completely dressed without a tie and a hat

soft color, muted tones, the bliss i was in
who needs new things
when such treasures can be found
i made a promise to shop resale, antique, flea markets
to fill the empty corners in my home

if one listens closely the objects have stories to share
sitting pretty on the dressing table
of a lady oh so fair
dances, parties, midnight interludes
who knows what shadows of long ago tales remain
sitting silently waiting for me only to put my ear to
and just listen

i got down on my knees
looking at pictures like i did as a child
i crawled right inside the scenery
and pretended i was there

and for a time i was, for those two hours i spent
two hours set aside to open my eyes, my mind
to something quiet deep inside me
my creativity, my artist's heart
right there all the time waiting for me
i took such peace in reminding myself
that when i seek, i will find.

this week, go searching yourself
i bet you'll be thrilled with what you discover!



  1. I LOVE the pictures and don't you just love our little towny-town. It is so darn cute.
    I yearn for an artist date - just me and my camera!!! Ahhhh, someday!!! Although, I am not sure my camera would know what to do if it wasn't trying to quickly capture the fleeting memories of two FAST little guys!!! I will have to re-train it ;) HA!!!!

  2. Simply beautiful - pictures and your creative words. I can tell your morning pages have brought out something very precious in your writing.