Tuesday, August 4, 2009

friends are like windows...

through which you see

out into the world

and back into yourself.

last night i was blessed by being in the company
of three of my very favorite friends.
friends who make me laugh.
friends i've cried along with.
friends who have been there for me,
as i have been for them
and always will be.
friends which i've been missing
as it's been far too long since we've last met.
no matter the time, the odd directions our lives take
when one of us calls, we answer with love.
we're friends for sure, bonafide.
life will push and then it will pull
but when it comes right down to it
we'll all clear a spot on our calendars
to share an evening, an afternoon,
a movie, a shopping trip
making time for each other...
friends, us four,
close as ever
and lucky, so lucky
to have found each other.

roberta, kim, irene -
thank you for a perfect summer evening.
thank you for being my friend.




  1. Beautiful! The words, the photos, all of it... ;) THANKS!

  2. and thank you brooke - for following, for commenting, and for your lovely blog! for some reason i can't post comments there. i'm sure it's me and technology going at it, but just want you to know I LOVE the photos and stories of your beautiful boys. i truly enjoy the way you share the ups, downs, and all arounds of being a mom. thanks to you too!