Sunday, August 9, 2009

August weekend...

The past three days in my life have been all about people.
The people that fill my life.
Celebrating professional success with the people
I'm incredibly fortunate to work with.
My writing group...seeing inside ourselves
and finding something new within,
something we'd never imagined we possessed -
the ability, the urge, a fresh voice.
Finding words we never new we had.

My son, his friends, who are like sons to me.
And I am so loving this time with him, what little I seem
to have had, during his break from school this summer.
Unlike his college buddies, he's been the lucky one this summer.
He has a job. And this couldn't mean more under our present circumstances.
Summer days are winding down, and before I know it
I'll be hugging him goodbye as he heads back to school.
A junior in college. Goodness, how time flies.
I've always said, time flies when you have kids. True, no?

Sunday began with a walk through the woods with my husband.
Talking, walking, sharing a classic summer morning.
Hazy sunshine making its way through the tree tops.
Spotting deer around every corner - mamas and babies.
It was honestly the coolest.
And spending the afternoon with my parents, my sister.
Just sitting around the kitchen table,
enjoying a few hours of over the table chit chat, precious time.
I'm so glad for that time well spent.

Stopping by a good farm stand
on the way home from my parents' place.
Drinking in the view, music dancing through my mind...
pieces found on the soundtrack from the movie The Hours
playing on my favorite radio station.
( - classical. the music of my heart.)
I was really caught up in the moment,
thinking about how lucky I am,
how grateful I am to be living my life, a true blessing.
As I came into the house carrying my "fresh from the fields" treasures,
my husband informed me that
we'd be heading over to our daughter's house
for an impromptu Sunday dinner with our kids.

I thought, what a perfect way to end a perfect weekend.
The proverbial icing on the cake.
A weekend spent in communion...
with those that I love.
In nature.
I really mean it when I say that this is all I need.
This life. These people.
Nothing more.
Just that.

And that's the way I began my day today.

In nature, on the forest preserve path with my husband.

Talking it all out as we walked in what feels these days

like the Garden of Eden.

And feeling so much gratitude, that it made me cry.


photos - on the way home from the farm stand I just had to head back
to the forest preserve to capture these glorious dancing beauties.
Perhaps it's just me, but aren't the Queen Anne's Lace
especially pretty this year?
I think they're my favorite summer flower:)
And one more thing...I was having lots of trouble
aligning and spacing my text in blogger today.
I hope it didn't detract from the writing!


  1. Ok don't laugh but I thought they were weeds not flowers but I always thought they were pretty regardless. So glad you enjoyed the weekend, mine was full of up's and down's. Take Care my friend.

  2. Hey Sweet Melissa, we need to go have a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, something. I'm connecting with you through your words this morning. You're on my mind.

  3. Gosh - I do love those flowers. I have had the urge to jump out of car, camera in hand and capture those beauties too. (Of course, I get that urge a LOT - thankfully I don't drive around with my camera in my car or I may never actually make it to any given destination!) Sounds like a great weekend! See you tonight! Can't wait ;)

  4. What a great weekend you had. As always your writing always makes me feel better. When I have my bad days, which are more than I care to think about, all I have to do is read your blog and I feel so uplifted. You write so beautifully - what a great gift you have.