Wednesday, August 12, 2009

tea tag wisdom wednesday...

When ego is lost, limit is lost.

Recognize that you are the truth.

Mighty powerful statements found on my Yogi tea tags.

And it's funny how these little messages seem to

pop up at just the right time in my life.

When I most need to hear them.

Most days I find it easy to be upbeat, positive.

Its just my nature. Its who I am.

But other days are like a dark room with no sun.

Like today.

We all have days like this, and can take comfort in knowing

that they can change like a switch in the wind.

By listening to peaceful music.

(gregorian chant is pouring out of my radio as i write)

By connecting with nature, moving the body.

(i'm headed out to the forest preserve as soon as i'm finished here.)

By diving into life and focusing on the positive.

(busy day ahead of me. fun projects. purpose. good people.)

By finding a creative outlet.

(here. writing. sharing. connecting.)

I'm not going to let a blue mood rob me of a potentially joyful day.

I feel much better already:)


photos - the gorgeous sky, taken while on vacation in july

ahead...getting my list ready. will post that list on saturday morning.

apology...blogger and i have spacing issues.


  1. I hate days that start out like that. Often after a weird dream or a restless night. It's amazing how often we forget that it's a choice to be happy. Each day is a gift and we should treat them as such. Whether the sun comes up or the rain clouds roll in, it's new and we never know what we're going to get when we open our eyes each morning. It's amazing how the little statements mean so much when the pop up at the right time. I call those little moments provided by God to remind you He's there...Take care today!

  2. I love your comment and how you connected with where I was coming from. And like I said, I felt better already for just having taking the time to write about it. Following my post I took a nice long run through the forest preserve, pulled myself up by the mental bootstraps and went on with my day. And despite how I was feeling, I fought the urge to call a friend and spill my mood out on her. I didn't want to follow the misery loves company route. It was a good decision, and in the end, a really good day. You're so right...each day IS a gift, and so were your kind words. Thank you:)!!