Monday, August 17, 2009

monday night football, a good book and a grilled cheese sandwich...

geez, i'm pooped tonight. after a LONG day at work going through selection journals (tough job selecting my favorite thing in the world - books, but hey, someone has to do it) D and i took a drive around looking at houses. actually looked at one on bangs lake. big time fizzer upper. went home, assessed blessing we have in house we already have. discussed refinishing the basement. sounded like too much work to me:) then i made grilled cheese, we opened a bottle of two buck chuck red and i've been sunk in my teen read (leaving paradise by simone elkeles) ever since. so, guess i'm saying good night. hope you had a good start to your week. i know i did. now i'm headed off to "smells like teen spirit" teen read. am loving it. i'm working on booking the author for an appearance at our local high school during teen read week in october. can't wait. looking for something good to read? take a step back in time and read for yourself. i bet you'll like it as much as i do. leaving paradise is a VERY good story.

thank god for monday night football. D is busy, engrossed in the game. i'm sneaking off to bed with my book tucked under my arm. happy monday many more hours 'til friday??


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