Friday, August 14, 2009

someone i think you should meet...

"there's a moment, like tonight,
a profound and transcendent experience,
the feeling as if a door has opened,
and it's all because of that music,
that magic, incredible music..."

a perfect description of my thursday night.
last night at the library i hosted the final concert
in my summer concert series.
and for a finale', my patrons and i
were treated to a magical performance
by my very, very favorite musicians,
julie and bruce hecksel - patchouli.

their music transcends description,
mere words by this linguistically challenged writer
cannot express the perfection in their performing.
i cannot do them justice by simply saying
magnificent, wonderful, captivating, entertaining.
those words just aren't enough.

i can only describe the music of patchouli in feeling.
the feeling of my heart when it grabs onto
the melody, the soul, the energy
that comes from the listening.
it touches my heart. speaks to my soul,
takes me to a place of happiness and peace,
stirring my emotions such that it brings me to tears.
their music is a gift they share freely
and with so much love.

this music is simple. simply perfect.
julie's voice so smooth and rich.
bruce's guitar playing simply masterful.
i don't think i'll ever hear another guitarist
to compare with bruce. he's simply incredible.
and ifrom the comments i received
following the concert at my library last night,
i know there are many who feel the same as i do.

do yourself a big favor this weekend, the last of a few
in our glorious midwest summer.
visit long grove this sunday - it's arts fest weekend there.
patchouli is playing from 12:30 to 2:30.
sit down. treat yourself to a listen.
and i'll bet you'll discover a new favorite group.

i promise you'll be glad you went.
and when you do, tell them hello
from terri at wauconda library.
happy weekend!

if you can't make it to long grove,
pay bruce and julie a visit at
but as my daughter lindsey said,
"listening to them on cd is one thing,
but it's when you see them perform
that you truly understand just how
awesome they are."

coming tomorrow..."the list"
get yours ready!
boy, do i have my work cut out for me tonight:)


  1. Ohhh - it sounded like so much fun! If only my little guy didn't turn into a pumpkin at around 7:15pm.

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