Thursday, August 27, 2009

meet me at the bongo room...

the rainy nighttime breeze blows through my kitchen window
meeting up with the scents of banana, chocolate, cinnamon
tantalizing my senses this end of summer night.
tomorrow is a big day for me.
i'm meeting with a marketing rep
from till creative in the city
to share my dreams.
i don't yet know quite how to describe them
but i can say they involve my kitchen.
my love of cooking, being creative.
my love of entertaining, cooking for people.
my passion for healthy, life sustaining foods.
this is the first item on my list:

1. turn my passion for food and cooking
into something more.

i'm not so sure right now what that something more is.
i had a spot up at the richmond farmers' market last
weekend and fared far better than i had dreamed i would.
i am inspired.
i'm so excited, and nervous at the same time.
i can't wait to sit down with jessica tomorrow
and spill my dreams out to her.

i'll be up in richmond again this weekend. can't wait.
and from now til then i'll be busy in my kitchen.
my absolutely favorite place to be:)

living my life one measuring cup at a time...

title? that's where we'll be meeting, jessie and i.
at the bongo room in bucktown.
home of pancakes so good they make you want to cry.
i'm having the lemon ricotta - i can taste them already!


  1. are truly amazing and I am so blessed that you are in my life. You are a constant inspiration! love, Kim

  2. Good Luck!! I hope it went well! You are truly an inspiration!!