Friday, July 17, 2009

it's a little after three on a friday afternoon
and i'm wishing so bad that it was a little after five.
what a long, very long few weeks i've had.
no complaints really, a vacation, a weekend in the city,
it's just that i need a serious dose of HOME.
i haven't had a do nothing, no plans,
normal weekend at home since the beginning of june.
my home looks unloved.
there's unattended piles of stuff everywhere.
there's windows to look out of,
bringing in the sweet scent of fresh air.
my eyes are longing to escape the tedious view
of the nine to five workspace
and just soak up the homeplace.
i'm on my own and home alone this weekend.
husband is away, son will be working.
and i'm going to be catching up...
dusting off, restocking, re-arranging.
but tonight it'll be just me,
that crazy paperback romance novel i'm into,
a bottle of wine and a dish of cheezits
and the weekend before me giving me time
to reconnect,
settle down and sink in,
rest and reflect
on the healing effects of being home...
ah...that was round about three hours ago.
now i'm here
black and white on the tv, you'd crack up...
tcm is running a ma and pa kettle series.
i'm lovin' it.
the laundry is going, my grocery list is ready
in the morning i'll run fun errands
picking up groceries and all sundry
from my fave here-and-theres'
but right now
the candles are glowing in my home on this
i have this, right now, this moment
who could ask for more?

happy weekend angel readers...

photo was taken the last time i hung out at home - peonis...
it's been a while:)


  1. I am on the other end of the spectrum..... life over here seems boring & dull, no plans, nothing exciting, and TOO much time at home. I crave some adventure and NEW things to rest my eyes on for a change. Alhough, we did take the boys out to dinner tonight and I was reminded WHY we need to keep a light schedule with these two! The travels and adventures may just have to wait another year or so ;) I hope you enjoy your weekend at home - REST/READ/RELAX! Wait, that doesn't sound so bad.... maybe I just need to be at home ALONE - HA!!!

  2. I'm so jealous, my favorite weekends are when I am at home with nothing to do at all. Ahh...I'm getting ready for a scrapbooking night with the girls and I'll be exhausted by the time they all arrive. Enjoy your romance book too, I'm finishing up The Double Bind hopefully this weekend.

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