Monday, February 22, 2010

and if i had it to do over again, i wouldn't change a thing...

32 years ago when i was seriously "wet behind the ears"
i made the ultimate promise
to love, honor, cherish - for all the days of my life
who knows what they're getting into
when they make those promises?
too many of us don't.
that's what keeps the divorce lawyers
happy in their big houses and expensive cars.
i didn't either, but i've learned along the way
how much i can give.
how far love goes.
that successful marriages demand selflessness,
putting those i love before myself,
especially in the difficult times.
difficult times? we've navigated our fair share.
my marriage has survived and thrived
through struggles challenging enough
for most to bail, jump ship.
i hung on though, my husband too.

because true love does exist.
we discovered it in the fall of 1975.
and an honest love does indeed conquer all.
true love bravely admits
"i am because you are."
true love promises
in good times and bad i will be by you
for all of my days, without fail.

sometimes easy, sometimes not so much
but always steadfast, true...
something to count on at the end of each day.

when times get tough
(and no matter how pretty your wedding day, they do)
i am here for you and will love you like no other.
don and i...
we have it.
so many wonderful memories,
our beautiful family
but through it all we've always been able
to count on each other.

more of the same ahead,
for who can predict the future?
but i know in my heart
that every decision i've made where
my marriage is concerned
i've made for the right reason...
because i love this man.
soul mates do exist and he is mine.
and i stand true to the promises i made
on february 18, 1978
because that's what a marriage is...
knowing the definition of a promise
and knowing how to keep it.

in love for life...


photos...the flowers don gave me for our anniversary
courtesy of the chicago botanic garden

p.s. our date also included a trip to the movies
i HIGHLY recommend "up in the air" with george clooney
it really makes you think...


  1. Happy Anniversary you LOVE BIRDS!!! Loved this post. Sooo very, very true.

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