Friday, February 5, 2010

"hope is the dream of a soul awake..."

i look back in amazement at the curves and turns my mind has navigated over the past week or so, where more often than not, i’ve felt so blue. dreary sadness, melancholy... emotions manifesting in tears of misunderstanding and frustration coming from god knows where. tear drops falling in gloomy splotches, melting my words into inky blue puddles on the page.

i’ve found that i’m not alone in this mire of unquestionable yuckiness. seems everyone i talk to this week is slogging along the same dismal path. winter blues? seasonal whatever-you-call-it disorder? regardless of the true cause, this dull phenomena rests on the winter weary shoulders of a number of people i’ve spoken with recently.

the important thing to remember here is that we recognize this for what it is – a temporal experience. one that can be fixed, or if not fixed then certainly helped along a bit. there are things we can do to get us through to the sunny side. by remaining aware and in the present moment, we understand the impermanence of bleak times such as this.

by being aware, you realize that with a smile, a conversation, a flash of sunshine between a sliver of cloud, this. too. shall. pass. the past 24 hours have provided me with any number of just such instances. as a result i believe its safe to say that my funky fog seems to be lifting.

liberation came yesterday in the form of a tiny green bud resting in a shot glass lying in wait for me on the kitchen counter. a short note of encouragment from my husband sat next to the glass. aware of my mood he searched through the snow for a “ray of sunshine” for me. naturally, i thanked him, but i have to wonder. does he comprehend how his thoughtfulness warmed me back into feeling a bit more myself? warmth to melt the ice. love to lift my heart.

that tiny green bud in all its hopefulness. inspiration. proof of warmer, sunnier days to come. and by being aware, by remaining in the present moment, not allowing myself to become “snowed under,” i was able to recognize love looking me in the face, changing my direction. in a shotglass. a tiny green shoot. a note scribbled...a map leading me up a snowy path right back to myself.

blue skies and sunshine...

title quote - a french proverb


  1. THANK YOU TERI!!!! I appreciate your take on this wierd epidemic that is lurking around. I really believe it is from the lack of SUNSHINE! Thankfully, the sun is shining today and I can just feel the clouds lifting off my spirit. YES!!!! Enjoy your weekend ;) HUGS!

  2. I mean - TERRI! Sorry :) It was just re-reading that comment and your name didn't look right! Sorry. And forgive me for all future posts and comments. I can't figure out how to get the Spell Check function on my laptop.... gRRRRRRRR - What 'da hay!?!?! I am sooooo screwed! :)