Wednesday, February 10, 2010


the day began in sparkles
following a pre-dawn rumble
foundations moving me from sleep
into the wide awake
ironic this movement
so uncommon in my corner of the world
my heart beats fast
familiar with the shift
the restlessness and unease
a feeling i've tried to supress
through short winter days
and endless winter nights

all the day long
i focused on the beauty
ever present at every turn
blue eyes drinking in
the winter-ness
of this february day
my neighbor mr. joe
lost in the snowy white
as he clears a path to his door
i stop and watch
a snowy cloud wrapped around him
and i smile
as i watch
winter, a swirling dance partner
to an unsuspecting mr. joe

the table where the deer feed
frosted in a layer of white
no more corn for the deer
the huz grows tired of feeding them
once the christmas bells grow silent
poor things, makes me so sad
that look in their big brown eyes
as they approach an empty table
the promise of fresh green grass
still a long way off
my currier and ives world
a simple wednesday
and i write tonight because i couldn't sleep if i didn't
not really saying what's in my heart
but the writer in me longing
(with every breath i take)
just to write
for the sake of writing
and wondering, about this whole blog idea
who really reads, who's really out there
but reminding myself that it's me i'm answering to
just me, my own best/worst critic

longing to say more on a cold winter night
but sleepy and stopped short
sapped of the energy
to do what i really love doing...

playing with words

p.s. i miss you nans.


  1. I dare say that I am ready for the spring weather...but that will only bring more snow and cold because as soon as I complain - the man upstairs reminds me that it's not time just yet. Funny how such a raging storm brings a quiet peace over the world with it's white blanket outside, keeping us inside to make our own peace: writing, reading, watching our favorite shows. I thank you for giving me something to read and with it an inspiration to write. Both of which I have a love affair with as well.

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