Tuesday, February 2, 2010

tuesday sort of thoughts...

feeling my way through the waking hour
i stumble over a cat
startling light bounces blinding reflections as
i take a glance at my slept on face
in the bathroom mirror
"today is going to be a good day" i say
kicking the winter doldrums
out of my way along with
the cat that trips me down the stairs
towards the coffee pot - my life line to this day
a dollop of drippy agave syrup
a splash of cream (the real stuff)
the scent of cinnamon rising from toasted raisin bread
its aroma reminds me...
it's going to be a good day
a good turn at the gym
a hearty egg white omelet breakfast
the day's nourishment tucked into my lunchbox
and i'm out of the door and heading straight into
my day, a good day, or did i already say that?
traveling snowy roads, a flock of birds
just ahead, right above me
swirling left, then right,
tightly woven in a pattern of flight
my workday commences in a school auditorium
where the talent of a chicago shakespeare ensemble
(whose visit i've coordinated)
falls on the deaf ears and dulls minds of, oh...
i'd say about 400 or so teenagers
but hey, this is a good day. so what?
it was a treat for me, this marvelous performance.
tell me, who begins their work day
entertained by a meeting of the minds of
william shakespeare and george bernard shaw
as they come crashing together on the topics of love and politics?
back to the (teenager-free) safety of my klimt decorated cube
my afternoon spent reading books about books about books.
shubert, mozart, beethoven keeping my mind sharp
classical notes mixing with the amicable chatter of my co-workers.
another program tonight - money talk for the money challenged
help for those in need. another reminder...
(besides the fact that my needs these days are so blessfully few)
it's a good day in knowing that my life work is this.
touching base with my cousin
a promise kept to stay in touch following our gram's funeral.
he wrote first which made my heart sing.
going home to a snow cleared driveway,
a path cleared courtesy of a daughter's call to a giving neighbor
(huz has a sorely pulled muscle - not in "shovel shape")
home once more.
hello cats, tosca, figaro. did you miss me?
(we missed your hands, your thumbs, can you feed us please?)
into the arms of my husband, safe and sound.
home safe.

a good day? indeed.
tuesday, and once more...so grateful.
for my simple BIG life.



  1. enjoyed your blog and also I agree dreams can come true, if they were meant to and if the desires are set...blessings..Mary Ann

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