Tuesday, February 23, 2010

she got off the couch...

wake up call today...50th birthday is a mere 25 days away and personal goals have not been met. over the past few weeks i've slipped into a dangerous pattern. home from work. replace work clothes with baggy flannels and a big sweat shirt. hardly sexy. it's a wonder the huz doesn't laugh when he looks at me. whip up dinner (healthy mostly, i've stuck to that). dishes, and trying not to be pissed off that i'm the one who always does them, and chastising myself for not setting the "i'll cook you clean" rule a hundred years ago when we got married.

onto the slow drift into brainlessness courtesy of our new big screen tv. endless episodes of the office (my favorite show-pure genius). the bachelor, which has me hooked at the lip. i like vienna. no one else seems to, but i do. the olympics. and i'm sorry, but i just don't really care about that this time around. in my old age i've grown sensitive to watching people fall in a death dive down an icy mountain. too much stress for me. i'd love to watch the skating, but knowing how much don doesn't really puts a damper on my enjoyment. when we're watching, i almost feel like i have to say to him, "don't worry, it's almost over. the song is almost done." and skating stresses me out too. this is the olympics for cry-eye, and still one spill after another. you'd think once a skater reaches this point you wouldn't see so much of that.

my winter nights have grown incessantly monotonous, and it's time to turn the tables (or should i say, turn away from the tv?). tonight i'll be in the kitchen baking something wonderful up for my book clubs and for the job club at the library. and in the evenings to come, i'll forgo the tv for my little studio - to write, to make jewelry, create cards...use my creativity instead of having it sucked out of my head courtesy of our energy sapping mega watt tv in the family room. my entertainment, an audio book. my sanity, regained.

and one more thing...no more breaks from the gym. had an eye opener at the doc yesterday. another stress test, another close look at my heart. talk about perspective! had a good work out this morning. plan to have another tomorrow. goal is 5 days a week, no fooling. i'll follow my healthy girl regimen to a capital T. i did 45 minutes of walk/run/climb cardio and it made me feel like a million bucks. i need that. we all do.

i did want to share a recipe that's helped me to stay healthy and keep my spirits up this winter. i found this recipe in my new favorite cook book - clean food: a seasonal guide for eating close to the source with more than 200 recipes for a healthy and sustainable you by terry walters. i hope you take the time to brew some up for yourself. the author defines this as "medicine in a glass" and i totally agree. there's just so much about it that's ridiculously good for you. the kukicha tea can be found at wholefoods, trader joes or online.

found inspiration in a beautiful blog today. i hope you enjoy it too.check it out...

stretching after a long stint on the sofa
and ready to move...


iced kukicha fruit tea

boil 4 cups of water. remove from heat and add 4 kukicha tea bags and a stick of cinnamon. let sit to brew for about 20-25 minutes. remove tea bags and squeeze out excess tea. pour brewed tea into 2 quart pitcher. add 1 cup pomegranate juice (i use pom, available for a good price at costco), 2 cups all natural apple juice (i use organic from whole foods) and 3/4 cup orange juice. toss the cinnamon stick into the pitcher. chill thoroughly. enjoy!


  1. Glad to hear you are back at it. Wish I could complain about falling off the wagon.... but that would require me to GET ON IT FIRST!!! :D Don't you just LoVe Maine Momma. Her photos are stunning.
    Take good care and good luck - go get 'em girl!

  2. I think these winter months are getting us all down! I've lost motivation in so many areas of my life but in others I'm doing well - go figure. See you Saturday!