Monday, March 1, 2010

18 days...

on sunday i had my first "guest post" gig, although i wasn't aware at the time that what i was writing was "post worthy," especially on amy alessio's "vintage cookbooks" blog. amy is one of my librarian heroes - librarian, author, blogger, mother. i've met her only once, and that was at a program at my library, but happy i was to have had the chance. she'll be back at my library for her "crazy about cakes" program in may. trust me, you won't want to miss it.

amy is fun, interesting, so very smart, really has it all together. her blog is my favorite - i read it every day without fail. crazy recipes from "back in the day." i share her love of vintage. times gone by. looking through such a lens is like taking a step back in time. better times, i tend to think. times when people had a notion of the definition of respect. for themselves and for others.

times when ladies wore dresses and gloves and men wore hats, a jacket and a tie - not for a night out but for every day. sometimes i like to close my eyes and picture us now but in "back then" style. i wonder if things will ever turn around enough so that some things will go back to the way they were. i'm a dreamer, but i'd like to think that maybe there's a chance.

for now though, i remain in a "singing in the rain" world. and i'm sure grateful for those who share the love of days gone by like i do. like amy. funny though, for all that she's "vintage," she keeps the teens at the schaumburg township library happy, busy and in the library - the definitive programming diva. amy's second book on library programming for teens will be published this spring. my hero? definitely.

i'm a total blogspot idiot and am ignorant in how to post a link to the word "here." so click the link below if you're interested in checking out my 15 minutes of fame on my favorite blog...

amy posted my recipe last sunday, february 28. scroll down and read and have fun reading everything before my post. i'll be you'll find yourself enjoying amy's blog as much as i do.

happy tuesday evening.
i'm pooped. it's been a long day.
time to head upstairs with my book
amy & isabelle
no, not that amy:)
i'm reading it for the second time around for book club
and it's even better than i remember...



  1. Thanks for the post. I loved her blog. I have vintage recipe book "issues". (Not as in a have issues of magazines but that I have too many books issues. I sneak my new found treasures onto my cookbook bookshelf without letting my husband see me.) I have some of my grandmothers and some that I have found at yard sales or second hand book stores. They make me feel so... safe and at home. I will have to share some of the ones that I have. My favourite is a small journal that my grandmother kept of recipes she liked or wanted to try. It is barely holding together and I try to keep it safe. It is filled with old clippings and her writing. It is very precious.

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