Monday, March 1, 2010

19 days...

sometimes you know exactly which way the road's going.
you've been through the twists,
recognize the turns.
but other times you find yourself on a detour
forced to travel through unfamiliar territory.
no map, no where to stop to ask the way
and you're the one at the wheel
there are passengers counting on you.
to allow yourself to show fear, that you're lost
causes them the same alarm,
fear of the unknown.
and remembering, leaning on, falling into
faith that he's there, always, to show the way.
there, to calm your unease.
there, with a shoulder, ready to catch your tears.
and in remembering that, things aren't so scary anymore
there've been plenty of roads which you didn't choose to be on
and although you might have felt alone
he was always there, right there
on the seat right beside you.

writing it out has made me feel better,
see things a bit more clearly.

trusting & believing...

p.s...the butterflies are for my mom
the artwork is one of many on display at my library
the work of the students at the schools in my community

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  1. Thank's T., Butterflies are a kiss from God. After the phone call with you and then going on your blog. I know that Faith, Trust and Believing is where I'm at. Thanks Love, Mom