Thursday, March 4, 2010

16 days...

crimson seasons

late winter sunshine whispers lemony warmth
through lacy branch patterns
stirring you awake,
tracing your licorice trunk,
deep to your roots,
soon, buds tight as june bugs will spread open wings
revealing a fiery brilliance.
pie plate leaves in hues of
eggplant, fat sweet cherries and pinot noir
will shade the grass where children play
into fall where you’ll bid adieu
and in your farewell song will be all the colors
of a burning sunset...

This is my submission for writer's group tonight. Our prompt was to write a description of a tree without using the names of colors. This group sits among the heaping piles of blessings in my life. My only qualifications (term used VERY loosely here) in leading this group is my two-fold passion...for writing and for people. I don't take my position among these talented writers lightly, and I must confess to a grain of selfishness in being a part. From them I gain inspiration, motivation and a fair dose of confidence. Writing's scary business, but the rewards can't be beat. I don't ever expect to publish and I'm certainly not trying to convince myself that I'm the next great American author. I find my rewards in sitting back and resting in the feeling of peace that writing affords me.

Writing...just another wonderful discovery, a chapter in the book that is my life. I never, ever thought I'd take pleasure in writing. But then I followed my own advice and began to write fearlessly, with "reckless abandon." I love that phrase. Reckless abandon. Are you throwing yourself into something in your life in such a fashion? Should you be? Choose your passion and jump. Shed fear and just do it, for no one but yourself. It's totally okay.

Definitely not afraid of the water...



  1. Loved it!
    Keep writing...(and I'll keep following! :P)

  2. The title caught my eye and I loved the rest just as much. Never get published? - set your sights high and go for it!

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