Monday, March 15, 2010

19 days winding down to 5, real quick...

it isn't just any birthday, but a milestone. the way i see it, if i haven't' got my #$%& together by the time i round fifty, then i'm going to quit hoping. that's not the way it is with me though. i'd like to think that i pretty much do have it together, for the most part.

there's always room for improvement though. a path in a better direction. i've anticipated this birthday everyday for the last 325 days or so. not in a bad way, but as a goal. i've written here on creating a list. didn't quite ever manage to do that, but that list is in my head, thoughts swimming around like goldfish in a bowl.

i'm down to the wire. no more time to waste. but then again, is there ever enough time to waste? waste no more, there's things i've got to take care of. things i've got to do. i'll jot them as they come to me, but here's a few just off the top of my head for today...

i wrote this 19 days ago
when i thought it was important
to make a list of things in my life
i needed to improve upon.
i've changed my mind about that.
we're always making lists, resolving, promising...
dangling hypothetical carrots before us
in an attempt to improve upon
what already is.
screw the carrots. to hell with the list.
i'm going to quit wasting time on "do better" lists.
we all should.
we're damn well good enough.
there are so many wonderful things about us,
yet all we focus on is the negative.
i hate negative.
a positive state of mind is my true nature.
how about a list of our accomplishments,
what we like about ourselves?
the part of us that is O-KAY
what a concept.
one thing i like about myself is that
i'm strong. emotionally, mentally.
strong to the point where i even surprise myself.
been through plenty of bullshit in my life
and have come out damn well for it.
know that there'll be plenty more down the road
but also know that my legs won't break.
i'll stand strong.
that's not to say there aren't moments when i cry my fool eyes out.
i do. then i grab a tissue, blow my nose,
and thank god that i'm still standing.
thank him mightily for cleansing tears
and the relief that comes after a good wash.
i always think about the me that my kids see.
the example that i set for them.
i know all too well that they're watching,
and as their mother, they need me strong.
they need to learn (through watching me?)
that instead of falling down flat and getting run over,
the road will rise to meet them.
if there's one lesson in life i've learned, it's just that.
every blessed thing that's happened to me, good, bad or otherwise
has made who i am today.
i have not become a victim. i am not a statistic.
i am a strong woman.
the child of a loving god.
i love my life - the good, bad, ugly all of it.
i am grateful for every lesson which my life experiences have taught me.
the most important lesson being
that i am no one's victim.
that in forgiveness we are made strong.
and i will survive.

the sun comes up every day and life goes on,
far too precious to waste on a bad memory
or a lesson gone unlearned.
i wouldn't trade one second of my life, not a second.
because of where i've been and where i have yet to go,
i am strong. i am me.
and i like that just fine.

seeing that fifty f-ing rocks...


the language? sometimes it just fits.
i'm not sorry for that either.
just being honest.
the photo? me, from another perspective
contemplative moments on a beach in maui


  1. My 30th birthday was last Saturday - an awaking to the life that I want to live. I have decided to forgo my teaching career (I currently work with Jay running his landscape business) for the time being to become a mom. My sweetie and I are getting married in June and it's time to get going. I'm ready and since I turned 29 I was ready. Babies make me cry and my dreams are filled with them. I can't wait. I can't wait for the next thirty years to see where I take myself. To see where my honey and I take each other...thank you for the encouragement and inspiration, Terri.

  2. Ah! overwhelming. Touched deep inside me... and prompted me to contemplate on my own life of 17 years. I hope I 'll grow strong like you and have my world around me, deeply rooted as you have.
    Thank you very much for this enlightening perspective of life... or I would have been just another rat in life's never ending race.

  3. You GOOOOO girl!!!! I love this one. Love it!

  4. I love this post and wish I could have read it earlier this week. Having a big birthday only means one thing - one heck of a good party!

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