Sunday, January 4, 2009

If I could turn back time...

I might have had a few less cookies, bypassed the snack mix and perhaps skipped that slice of turtle cheesecake before turning in for the night. But alas, I didn't, which was the reason for the screeching WREE WREE WREE of horror music as a I dared a quick step on the bathroom scale this morning. Yikes. I should have known better! Actually, this isn't just a "holidays only" binge I've been on. This started last summer with burgers and brats on the grill, margaritas with quacamole and chips, my daughter Lindsey's "peanut butter jelly bars"...I began eating like it was Christmas sometime last June and it's been a deliciously slippery slope since then. The holidays were the breaking point; I feel body is on sugar plum overload.

Resolutions, diet plans, and best made intentions aside, I need to think about what those extra calories do to my girl - my heart that keeps me going. A few years ago I had one of those stress tests where I laid on a table and actually watched my heart working. There she was, working ceaselessly and enabling me to live, love, work and play. Seeing my heart in action had a profound effect on me. I made a promise at that point to commit to caring for her the same way she cares for me. I'd done a pretty good job up until a few months ago. Now's the time to renew my pledge.

At this time of year when millions resolve to lose weight, we neglect to resolve to take care of what's inside. We fall in love with the IMAGE of what we can be once those pesky pounds are shed. But what we fail to realize is that it's what inside that really matters. If we resolve to fall in love with what's inside, our hearts and souls, then the result will be evident in due time on the outside. Picture your heart, imagine her beating away, working while you rest...never taking a break. Honor her, feed her well, exercise her...and she'll reward you in ways that can't be measured.
I've included a picture in today's post that highlights some of my favorite fitness must haves. Earlier this year I discoverd Clean Eating magazine - I love it! Issues include TONS of health and fitness information, recipes and even 14 day meal plans. One of my favorite fitness authors, Tosca Reno, is a contributing editor to the magazine. She also has a few books that I'm sure you'll love as much as I do - The Clean Eating Cookbook, The Clean Eating Diet, and also The Clean Eating Work-Out Book. Take a trip to the library or the local book store - search for something to give you inspiration.
I've visited the perimeter of the grocery store - the kitchen has been stocked with foods to enhance good health. The last few cookies have been served to the birds. It's time to honor that commitment I made to my girl - my strong and steady female heart.
"Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through the eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded." (Goethe)
Take GOOD care of YOURSELF.


  1. "My Girl" probably hates me... booo hooo! I will admit to some neglect on my part.
    Good luck with your quest. I think you might have officially motivated me... I was kinda waiting for a giant brick to fall on my head to get my butt in gear.... Thanks ;)
    PS. Just picked up this month's book... The History of Love. Not sure if I will get through it or not...but maybe!

  2. Terri - hope you don't mind - I shared this post on a mommy weight loss blog that I am a part of.. here is the link:

  3. Hey Brooke...nonsense, your girl ADORES you! And I'll be happy to provide the motivation - for you to get in gear and also for you to read The History of Love - started yesterday. The writing is BEAUTIFUL! It's a quick read, a love story. What better way to start the year.

  4. And I'm thrilled that you're sharing my post. Watch for more posts on taking care of your health and well being. I check out that post - those girls are adorable. I have an issue with dieting and not exercising - it doesn't work for the long haul. Maybe I'll post on that later. Have a SUPER day Brooke!