Friday, January 16, 2009

Zuccanoes and Girlfriend times two...

My sub-zero Friday was made a tad warmer thanks to a felicitous lunch date with my dear hearts, Nans and Beth. What a bright spot to an otherwise ordinary day. I rarely venture out for lunch during the work week, preferring rather to hunker down in my cubicle dining on my daily salad and a good book. But today was special. Today was lunch with Beth and Nans.

Books are the culprit for this connection of souls. Tragedy, romance, betrayal, deceit... we've been through it all in the course of the books we've read together. And we've been through an awful lot together in our lives as well. Two friends, two souls that I can't imagine being without. And I would never have known them if it weren't for a chance meeting at a book club.

Two friends that couldn't be more different, yet similar just the same. Beth - quirky, bohemian, wild and wonderful. Nans - together, classy, a real "girl's girl." Beth in her fuzzy purple hat and faux leopard print coat...smiling, laughing, just being Beth. Nans with a laugh that's music to my ears, the sister of my heart. And both with hearts that would burst and break for those they love. Both that would drop everything at a moments notice if ever I should call in need. Me too, for them. Anais Nin was quoted as saying that our friends represent "a world in us. A world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." Thanks Nans, thanks Beth...for making my world a little brighter. Today and always.


p.s. About zuccanoes? They were the special today at Frank's Karma Cafe'. And we were lucky enough to enjoy the last three servings they had. Delicious - the company, the food.

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